#TeaserTuesday: Choose Me (Love in the Pacific Northwest #3) by Beck Grey

Happy #TeaserTuesday! Today, we're happy to share an excerpt from Beck Grey's Choose Me, book three in the Love in the Pacific Northwest series. 

From the Blurb:


I’ve been in love with my brother’s best friend since I was twelve, and twenty years later, Erik Osouf is still so far out of my league, we aren’t even playing the same sport. Not that I play sports. That means talking to people, and my social anxiety makes that all but impossible.

It also makes my brother incredibly overprotective, and while I love that Stef always has my back, it’s why I still can’t tell Erik how I feel. It would wreck their friendship, and after everything Stef’s done for me, I won’t ever be the cause of that. I just wish my heart would get that memo.


For years I thought of Jules Evans as the quiet, sweet kid who regularly crushed me at Mario Kart, and let fireflies loose in our camping tent. Then he accidentally admits he’s in love with me. He doesn’t remember saying anything, and I’d never embarrass him by mentioning it, but since then I can’t stop thinking about kissing him.

If it was anyone else, I’d probably have told them how I feel by now. But he’s my best friend’s younger brother. The same best friend who told me Jules is off-limits. That makes this all kinds of impossible. Unless I can convince them both I’m the right man for Jules.

Choose Me is a 70,000 word low angst, brother’s best friend, contemporary MM romance about flawed but devoted families, taking chances, and sweet cinnamon roll Vikings. It contains no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA.


Relieved, I sit next to Jules and pull off my boots, sliding them under the chairs before putting on the incredibly ugly and uncomfortable bowling shoes. “Why do they purposely make these so damned hideous? And they have zero arch support. It’s like wearing a strip of cardboard on your feet. What’s the point?”

Jules gently bumps my shoulder with his and gives me a genuine smile. “You’ve been back less than a week and Stef’s rubbing off on you already.”

Stef floats by, pink bowling ball in hand. “I’m a wonderful influence. Everyone thinks so. Now both of you hurry up and grab your balls!”

Jules’ juvenile grin matches mine. We fight another wave of laughter as our inner twelve-year-olds take great delight in the suggestive comment. There is no doubt in my mind that it was intentional. I wave Jules to go ahead. “You heard the man. Let’s go grab our balls.”

Jules bites his lip and chokes back a laugh. “I know where mine are. If you’ve lost yours, that’s your problem.”

I want to say something like ‘maybe you could help me find them,’ but that might be taking the joke a bit too far. Especially since Stef is only about six feet away. We wander toward the racks of alley-supplied bowling balls, dutifully lifting a few to try out the weight. I find one I like, though it’s in an unfortunate neon lime color, and Jules picks an electric blue one. “The same guy who designed the shoes must have been in charge of the ball colors. What’s wrong with basic black?”

Jules bumps my arm. “How would you tell which one was yours and which one was anyone else’s?”

I bypass the obvious joke about being able to identify my own balls. “Does it really matter? Just grab one that isn’t too heavy.”

Jules looks up at me, eyes wide and innocent, and I know what he’s going to say before the words are out of his mouth. “So, you’d let anyone play with your ball?”

This is how I remember us being and I’m so glad the relaxed, silly, easy banter is back. The flirting is new, but I’m definitely enjoying it. “Nope. Not just anyone. Only special people.” I hold out my neon green ball to him and wink.

His cheeks flush, but damn if he doesn’t look me right in the eyes and take it from me without a word. He just turns and walks back to our group and deposits the balls in the return queue.

Stef is up first for his team, and Jules goes first for ours. He puts his feet on the lane markings, walks a few steps forward, then tosses the ball down the alley. It arcs and thunks loudly against the lane before rolling slowly into the gutter. He turns and gives a one-shoulder shrug, eyes anywhere but on me or Jocelin. “Sorry. I told you I’m not very good.”

Jocelin waves away his comment. “Pfft. That was fine. You just need to warm up.” I smile gratefully at Jocelin. I don’t want Jules to feel embarrassed. “Just wait until it’s my turn. I promise you I’m way worse than that.”

I gesture for Jules to get his ball from the return and then follow him onto the lane. “Is it okay if I sort of…” I make a bowling gesture and Jules nods. “Okay. So, line your feet up with the arrows here.” I guide him to the proper spot, adjusting his stance. “And bring the ball up. Now, relax.” I put my hands on his shoulders and press down, prying them from around his ears. He lets out a squeak, but he takes a breath and tries relaxing.

“Now, when you let the ball go, don’t wait so long. Release it just above the lane, but keep your eyes on the pins and point your hand where you want the ball to go. That should keep it out of the gutter.” I put my hand on his left hip and lightly wrap my fingers around his right wrist. By necessity, our bodies are practically pressed together, and the way he fits perfectly against me makes it difficult to keep my mind on bowling. With little effort, I could nuzzle his ear and kiss his neck. And watch my twenty-year friendship with Stef go up in flames.

I force my mind back to bowling. “You want this kind of motion.” I guide his right arm backward and forward a few times. “When I tell you to release the ball, do it gently. Don’t toss it.” We go through the swing once more. When his hand is almost to the correct position, I murmur, “Let go.”

The ball still thunks on the lane but not as loudly. With my hand still holding his wrist and my head next to his, we look at the far end of the lane, watching as his ball rolls at a leisurely pace. It eventually knocks down one pin, but it’s not a gutter ball. “See? You just need a little practice.”

Jules leans into me, and without thinking, I kiss his cheek. We both freeze for a moment, and then he turns his face towards me, eyes wide. I unbend, standing up to my full height, and reluctantly let go of his wrist. He places his hand on my arm, and I swear it burns like a brand, marking me as his. “Thank you. Again. You’re always there when I need you.”

“You’re welcome. And I told you I would be.” I take a step back because with the way he’s looking up at me with those damned soft eyes and kissable lips, he’s way too tempting. “Besides, I can’t help it. You’re adora-bowl.”

Jules stares, his mouth open in shock. “Oh my god, you did not just make a bowling pun.”

Jesus, he’s so damned cute. “I did. What are you going to do about it?”

He plants his hands on his hips and raises an eyebrow at me. “You don’t strike me as a punny person, Erik.”

I walk back toward the seats, motioning for Jocelin to take his turn. “I try to be o-pin to new things.”

He chokes on a laugh. “Oh shit, that was bad.”

I shrug. “Split happens.”

“Oh god, Erik, spare me.”

I laugh and drop into a seat. “That’s just how I roll.”

Jules sits next to me and looks into my eyes. “Hey, all joking aside?” He puts his hand over mine. “I just want to thank you for earlier.”

“There’s no need. I’m glad I could help.” He squeezes my hand, and I wish I could turn mine over and lace our fingers together.

“The way you stood up for me with that jerk, well…” He chews his lower lip and all my attention is riveted on that one spot. If only I could lean in and kiss him… It takes me a moment to realize he’s trying not to laugh. “You were gutter perfection. I mean that.” Jules burst into a fit of laughter.

I groan and try not to smile because that level of manipulation shouldn’t be rewarded. But it’s no use. Seeing him so relaxed and happy makes my heart do silly things, and I smile back. “You’re such a turkey.”

He laughs and pushes me toward our lane. “It’s your turn to bowl. Impress me.”

Still grinning, I pick up my ball and step up to the line, walk through my approach and release it with a soft thump. The ball speeds down the lane, hitting the sweet spot, scattering the pins with a satisfying crack. I turn around to see Jules excitedly jumping up and down, whooping and celebrating, yanking on Jocelin’s arm like my strike is the most exciting thing ever, and with a certainty I can feel in my bones I know I want this. I want evenings laughing with Jules. I want to be there for him when he’s struggling and celebrate his wins with him. I want him in my life. I just plain want him.

Jules is my person, and nothing will change that. Maybe it’s time to take a chance and let the pins fall where they may.

Choose Me is set for release on November 22nd, 2022 and is now available for Pre-Order!