Perfectly Imperfect Pixie by M.J. May

"Perfectly Imperfect Pixie was fantastic!! A new to me author. Acceptance, love and a found family!"

From the blurb:

Size matters. Pixies are supposed to be petite, beautifully lithe creatures with gossamer wings. Sporting
luscious, ombre pink hair and fluttering pink wings, Phil meets two out of three of those criteria. At over six feet tall, no one would dare call Phil petite. As a home-and-hearth pixie, Phil yearns to find a home and family he can bond to. When no one’s willing to hire a pixie of his stature, Phil is forced to find work elsewhere. Turns out, pixies make terrible bouncers.

The sudden death of Sedrick’s brother and sister-in-law left Sedrick Voss a pack of one—plus two young, traumatized were children. Sedrick needs help. He needs a home-and-hearth pixie. But pixies are small, delicate creatures nowhere near sturdy enough to stand up to a couple of growing werewolves. Phil seems like the perfect answer—a pixie that might be able to physically withstand small werewolf teeth and claws.

Phil is overjoyed, finally able to do a job that speaks to his heart and soul. But peace is a hard-won commodity. Sedrick is in the middle of a nasty custody battle with his niece and nephew’s maternal grandfather—one of the most arrogantly deceitful werewolf alphas to ever lead a pack. If their grandfather gets custody, Sedrick’s niece and nephew are in for a lifetime of manipulation.

Between the custody battle, noxiously invasive garden gnomes, and fairy lawyers, Phil and Sedrick struggle to keep their home and family safe. Werewolves and pixies don’t mate. Phil and Sedrick are about to challenge that misconception.

Perfectly Imperfect Pixie is a m/m standalone title with a HEA, a rough but kind werewolf, fairy lawyers, vampire bar owners, dwarf miners, questionably intelligent humans, pesky garden gnomes, and charming pixies. 

Janet's Review:

Perfectly Imperfect Pixie was a great story! This was a new to me author, I’ll definitely be looking for more by them! 

Phil just wants a home, but no one wants him. He’s not the traditional size, he’s not small and petite. Sedrick is looking for someone bigger who can help werewolf children that have been traumatized. These two really were perfect for one another! And the connection they forged with Dillon and Ruthie!! 

Such a great story!! Overall, a fantastic new to me author and story! Well written with pacing that sucked me right into the story!!

Rating: 5 Stars

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Paranormal. Slow/no burn. Found family. Dual POV. 

Phil doesn’t look like your average pixie, but he still longs for a job as a home-and-hearth pixie if only he were given a chance. When Sedrick hires Phil to look after his niece and nephew, he hopes the pixie can handle the rough and tumble werewolf children, and help them start to have a comfortable home together. Sedrick is generous and dependable, and Phil is caring and kind, with a heart full of love to give the werewolf family. 

With the fantastic world building in the story there is also suspense, danger, sweetness, sacrifice, and loyalty. Phil is relatable and has been hurt so much in the past, and Sedrick is so wonderful in his giving and protective nature towards Phil. Supportive secondary characters, with a villain to hate, and two likable main characters that find happiness and shared hopes together. If the author wanted to expand this universe and make it a series I would be onboard to read them, it was a really fun story and well written. An entertaining and joyful read with a lovely HEA.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Perfectly Imperfect Pixie is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.