Merman Kisses and Starving Incubi by Morgan Lysand

Merman Kisses and Starving Incubi by Morgan Lysand was sweet and steamy. A touch starved incubi ashamed of his own body. A new to me author that I'll be looking for more by.

From the blurb:

Felix is a miserable incubus, but he does his best to hide his misery. For the most part. Adopted and
rejected by strict Catholics, Felix is ashamed of his body’s needs. Work isn’t much better. He’s a star litigator at his law firm, but hates every second. Oh, and he’s in love with his best friend Chris, who happens to be a fellow attorney, his roomie, and a sexy as sin freshwater merman.

After Truth or Dare on Halloween loosens their lips in more ways than one, Felix pumps the breaks and challenges them both to a bet. No release for a month, or the loser moves out. Chris agrees with a counterproposal. Felix has to come to terms with being an incubus, otherwise he loses Chris.

Chris’s life is pretty peachy. His estate planning clients are great… mostly. He sees Felix every day and has the family lake to look forward to every Saturday. But as Felix investigates being an incubus, a few things of his own mer nature come to light, changing his perspective on his family.

Merman Kisses and Starving Incubi is a fluffy and spicy MM paranormal romance featuring the pine-y-est of pining besties to lovers idiots. A sugar-loving incubus that’s not a virgin, thank you very much. And a freshwater merman that may be a touch too obsessed with his long hair. Please check trigger warnings in the Author’s Note.

Janet's Review:

Merman Kisses and Starving Incubi was sooo freakin good! Felix an incubus, is touched starved and ashamed of his body. Chris is Felix’s best friend, and has secretly been in love with Felix forever, but Felix thinks he’s straight. 

Chris has a mom and two dads, but he’s nervous to come out. But something happens that Felix needed to happen, they met another incubus and two fae. They teach/show Felix that he must be true to himself. 

Loved, loved, loved Felix and Chris! Overall, a fun and fantastic read! Well written with addicting pacing. Highly recommend! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Merman Kisses and Starving Incubi is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.