Love At Frost Bite: Benji (Mated to His Reindeer) by Toby Wise

Love at Frost Bite: Benji is a sweet holiday romance. Featuring a grumpy/sunshine, fated mate pairing and an adorable kid. Omegaverse.

From the blurb:

Can a self-proclaimed grinch find love in time for Christmas?

Benji prefers a quiet life, and he’s gotten to the age where he’s used to being alone. Despite being a reindeer, he hates ‘the Christmas spirit’ and the only thing softening his grumpy exterior is a certain otter shifter who seems determined to slip his way into Benji’s life.

Mason is a single dad working at the food court in the mall. When he begins having lunch with Benji, his little crush doesn’t stay little for long. It’s hard to keep his feelings locked away when Benji gently takes care of him in a way that Mason’s been looking for but never thought he could have.

Both men try to keep their feelings in check but after taking care of Mason while he’s sick, and going Christmas shopping together, they realize they don’t have to hold themselves back.

Love at First Bite: Benji is a shifter Christmas romance story in a world of magic featuring daddy kink, Christmas shenanigans, the grumpy one being soft for the sunshine one, mpreg, and of course, a happily ever after. This book is part of a highly anticipated multi-author series, Mated to His Reindeer!

Janet's Review:

Love at Frost Bite-Benji is part of a multi-author book series, Mated to His Reindeer. Grumpy/sunshine and fated mates. 

Mason is a single dad, Omega otter shifter working at the baker in the mall to take care of his son. He’s instantly attracted to Benji, an Alpha Reindeer shifter working in the jewelry store at the mall they both work at. 

This was an adorable read! Benji was the perfect grinch! Mason was so sweet and caring. I loved his blushes every time he saw Benji. Overall, a fantastic holiday read!! Well written with fast pacing that kept me flipping the pages. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Angel's Review:

Toby knows how to write cute stories with great character, and he did it again with this book. Benji is a Grinch, he doesn't like the holidays and whenever he's around his dad and brothers they keep bugging him about when he's going to date someone. 

Mason is a single dad who works in the same mall as Benji, he's had a crush on him for a while and he finally does something about it. 

This book was really cute, I loved Mason's son, he was adorable!! I loved the scene where Benji is in his reindeer form! It was the perfect scene. I normally don't like daddy/boy stories but this one was well done. I enjoyed it, the reason why I didn't give a 5 star is because I wish we got a scene where Mason was in his otter form. 

Overall a really cute and short holiday story. I recommend this!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Love at Frost Bite is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.