Grant My Wish by Morgan Mason

Can the holidays bring forgiveness and redemption for a man that wants to recreate the love he didn't know he had lost as a teenager? Is Reid willing to give Grant another chance, knowing that they only have the holidays before Grant leaves again?

From the Grant My Wish blurb:

Gearing up for his first holiday season as the new owner of his family’s restaurant, Reid has his work cut out for him. His small resort town is a destination location, but the reappearance of the high school bully who returns every year is not the way Reid wants to start the holidays. Especially given that Grant was the first boy he’d ever loved, and the one boy who’d broken his heart.

Returning home for the holidays every year is never fun. The memories of who Grant used to be lurk around every corner. With little to no relationship with his family, Grant plans to spend his holidays eating pie and skiing. But running into the one man Grant has never apologized to changes the course of his visit. And his life.

Can Reid and Grant mend fences and move past the hurtful high school bet that tore them apart? Can they put the past behind them to see the future that lies ahead?

Grant My Wish is a 44K word standalone novella that features bully redemption, small town vibes, hurt/comfort, holiday wishes come true, and a HEA.

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Home for the Holidays) but all are standalone stories. Hurt/comfort. Second chance. Quick read. Dual POV. 

Reid loved Grant once, but the way he ended their young relationship was unforgivable, if only the man didn’t return home during the holidays every year and stir up those feelings of love lost and hate. Grant doesn’t like the person he was and when he returns home all his old regrets cause him to act like a jerk, and he hates that too. It was hard to warm up to Grant, but Reid is so patient and kind, giving Grant the opportunity to change and show that he can be a better person. 

There are sweet dates and some serious declarations that change Reid and Grant’s relationship as well as those that Grant has with the people in his hometown. Holiday sweetness and redemption happen quickly and the story has a swoony HEA.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

Christmas is the perfect time of year for a bully redemption... and Grant comes back home and realizes that he needs to reconnect with Reid this year... for me the beginning of the book was a little tough - Grant really wasn't likeable to start and Reid was just so sweet and understanding... like a good holiday wish, I warmed to Grant and their story as it went along and I really appreciated.

Grant My Wish is a shorter novella that packs a lot in - reconnecting dates, serious conversations and some heartfelt reconnections... I would have liked to see just a little more depth, but overall it was a fast and uplifting read and I enjoyed it.

Rating: 4 Stars

Janet's Review:

Grant My Wish is part of the multi-author series, Home for the Holidays. A fantastic second chance redemption story. 

I loved Reid and Grant!! Grant, once upon a time, was a bully to Reid. Reid is an amazing character, unfailingly kind and forgiving. Reid is cold and hasn’t had much love or affection in his life. When we learn his background and how he wants to be a better person, I couldn’t help but love him! I adored both Reid and Grant and their journey to love and being together. 

Overall, fantastic read!! Well written with facing that hooked me and kept me engaged!

Rating: 5 Stars

Grant My Wish is available in paperback and as an ebook.