Four Packs Trilogy (The Complete Series) by Nic Starr and BL Maxwell

Laora loved the different take on shifters in the Four Packs Trilogy.

From the blurb:

A rare disease is wrecking havoc across the Four Packs and threatens the very existence of the shifter population, but for the sacrifices and actions of these brave men.

Three romances featuring wolf shifters and their fated mates.

Zander, an alpha who wasn’t destined to lead his pack, but is now essential to its survival. Marrok, a scientist from another pack whose knowledge is critical to saving his best friend, and ultimately the man he loves.

Grady, who’s resigned to a slow and agonizing death until fate steps in. Max, a man from another pack whose sacrifice and love changes Grady’s life forever.

Luca, a shy man whose blood gives life to his alpha and whose programming skills aid the life-saving work to find a cure for the disease. Max, an enforcer who shows Luca what living life to the full can be like, but has to save him from the clutches of an opposing pack if they are to have any kind of future at all.

Stories showcasing enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, opposites attract, and hurt/comfort themes.

Contains three novels: The Slow Death, The Ultimate Sacrifice, and The Final Salvation.

Laora's Review:

The Four Packs Trilogy was a different take on shifters in the sense that they do get ill and that illness is directly linked to their shifting abilities. The overall storyline works its way through the three books, but the individual romances/ fated mates stories span each individual volume. 

Zander (a.k.a. Alexander) and Marrok are from two different packs and have to work together to get help from one of the other packs to get the help needed to save their friend. Whilst doing this, they find they are mates.

The second book brought it. I enjoyed how the authors developed the characters and story further. Max and Grady are fated mates but do not know if that is true or if it is a side effect of the treatment Grady receives. Also, the tension between the territories is ramping up in volume two.

This third and last book rounded this trilogy up with an unexpected end to all the territorial politics between the East and the West. Well done, I also liked the glimpse into the future to get an insight into how all developed further after the aforementioned end.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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