Election Night: A Gay Romance Novella by Madalyn George

Election Night shows that love is patient.

From the blurb:

A president so deep in the closet his best friend doesn't even know. A chief of staff who has pined for
his friend for over 25 years. Can a strong and silent Secret Service Agent finally bring them together?

He's my best friend, but even after all these years I wish he was my true love, so why am I so attracted to someone else?

We've sacrificed so much to make it to this final election night. More than even my best friend knows. Can the President of the United States find happiness after years of denial, or am I too late? Has he found another?

I've walked the halls of power with singular focus for years, so why are these two men so distracting to me now?

Laora's Review:

It is always good to discover a new author. They are off to a good start; I liked how the story was constructed. The story is concentrated around re-election night, with flashbacks. 

Coming out of the closed is difficult for sitting president Laurence, who made the decision to come across heterosexual. 25+ years ago. He made the decision to not act on his feelings for his best friend and longtime chief of staff, Kent. Kent has hooked up with Raymond, a long standing secret security member. However, Raymond sees the attraction between the longtime friends and it turns out there is a future for the three of them.

Rating: 4 Stars

Election Night is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.