Dragon of Passion (Dragon Triplets book 3) by Minerva Howe

If you like your dragons a touch on the kinky side, then Dragon of Passion is for you. 

From the blurb:

When dragon shifter Nikolas Petrov finally gives in and lets his family hire him a personal assistant, he
has no intention of bringing in someone he might care about. He needs someone efficient, hard-working, and unobtrusive. Too bad what he gets is Daniel.

Daniel can work his butt off, and he knows he's just what grumpy alpha Nik needs. He organizes Nik within an inch of his life, and when Daniel needs help, Nik knows he can't just leave Daniel in a bad situation. The two of them become closer and closer, but danger rears its head, threatining their whole family. Can they pull together to keep everyone safe.

This is a non-mpreg dragon shifter romance with knotting.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Well well well. It seems the last triplet to find his mate happens to be the kinky one of the bunch. Who would have thought buttoned up Nik enjoyed his bed partners thoroughly at his mercy? Not I said the fly. I loved how it was Niks nosy little brothers in law who set the whole plot in motion. Sick of Niks constant grumpiness and being overworked, the mates decide to go behind Niks back and hire him a PA. Though angry at first, it doesn't take Nik too long to realize not only is Daniel the best person for the actual job, but he also happens to be Niks long awaited mate.

I loved Daniel. Even knowing he was going into a job where his new boss had no idea he was even hired, David showed up with professional enthusiasm. He didn't let Niks grumpiness get in the way of him organizing his office/life. And if he also got to oogle some lovely Nik eye candy while doing in? Alas, that was Daniel's cross to bear.

As is usual in mating situations Nik and Daniel didn't circle around each other for long. They quickly fell into their bonding routine and Daniel took the news of dragons pretty easily. No excess drama to be found with that. It also just so happens that their tastes in the bedroom lined up just perfectly. Gotta love having a mate out there that is basically made just for you.

I love the whole family these dragons have made. Everyone is so caring, and no one ever has to feel alone. Since the omega mates have spent the majority of their life with virtually no one, having such an amazing family is everything to them. With this being the last of the series, I have no doubts that these dragon triplets and their mates are in for a life of love and happiness.

Rating: 4 Stars

Janet's Review:

Dragon of Passion is the final story in the Dragon Triples series. Nik finally get his mate despite how grumpy he is!! Daniels is desperate when he applies to be an assistant to Nik. But Kam and Zach feel good about Daniel, so they hire him and warn him of Nik and his grumpiness. Nik is adamant that he doesn’t need a PA, but he soon realizes that Daniel is perfect. 

Their story is sweet, swoon worthy and steamy hot!! I loved the insta-love, there never was any doubt in either of their hearts that they belonged together. 

Overall, a sweet, insta-love romance. Well written with fast pacing! Kept me engaged and flipping the pages!

Rating: 5 Stars

Dragon of Passion is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.