Daddy's Christmas Elf by Ali Ryecart

Ali always does a fantastic job with Daddy Age Gap stories, and Daddy's Christmas Elf was no exception!  

From the blurb:

Take One Elf, Add an Older Man with Daddy Tendencies and Mix for the Perfect Christmas Romance

Dressing up as a sexy little elf for a themed Christmas party isn’t Eli Turner’s idea of a glittering career. It’s the rowdiest event Eli’s worked this season and when a drunken proposition goes too far, his refusal to play sets off a chain of events leaving him high and dry with only the cheap elf suit on his back.

The Christmas party wealthy banker Grey Gillespie doesn’t want to be at is sliding out of control. When trouble erupts Grey rushes to intervene, but not before the cute young guy dressed as an elf flees and disappears into the freezing cold night.

The last thing Grey expects as he makes his way home is to stumble across the little elf. Eli’s dire predicament awakens every one of Grey’s deep-seated needs: to comfort, to protect, to cherish and keep safe. Grey knows exactly what Eli yearns for — his little elf just needs some gentle persuasion to understand that everything he never knew he craved is everything Grey desperately wants to give him.

Daddy's Christmas Elf is a sweet with heat Daddy-lite Christmas love story, oozing all the festive feels and fuzzies. Hurt/comfort, forced proximity, age gap, and two men drawn together to give the other exactly what he needs. 

Nicole's Review:

As my first holiday read of the season, I was not disappointed. A Christmas themed meet- cute, a handsome, rich daddy, a boy with big ambitions down on his luck, and a lonely holiday for both until they are forced to spend it together. 

I really liked the pacing for Grey and Eli's romance. It may have been instalust, but they took the time getting to know each other and developing feelings before jumping into bed.  

Grey was so protective, and Eli just want's to be loved and cared for. Benny is a terrible friend to Eli, and I wish we would have gotten more interaction with him for to understand why the friendship disintegrated. I was so nervous when we met Peter, but I really liked the interaction with him at the end as it did give us closure. 

This was a sweet holiday love story that I will probably reread on my holiday break next month!

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I really wasn't sure what to expect from a book that was called Daddy-lite - and what I found was a caring, age-gap romance between two men with a power and financial imbalance, but who found each other and clicked!

Daddy's Christmas Elf  doesn't have a D/s Daddy dynamic or really, a defined daddy/boy relationship, but it does have a memorable holiday themed meet-cute, oodles of hurt/comfort, forced proximity, age gap and a real genuine wish to take care of each other!  This book was fairly low angst, hit the feels just right and was a quick and charming read, perfect for the holiday season.

Rating: 5 Stars

Daddy's Christmas Elf is currently available as a paperback or e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription