Daddy Rescue at Little Rapids by Zack Wish

Small town daddy falls for Big city boy in Daddy Rescue at Little Rapids.

From the blurb:

A rebellious Little in danger and on the run. He needs a safe haven, and a Daddy to protect him…

Devin ‘Zinger’ Davies was born to be a rebel. Skateboarding since he was young and breaking rules for
longer still, even at twenty-two Devin is still rebelling with his bright red mohawk letting the world know exactly who he is. But Devin is still not quite sure of one thing himself… whether he is a Little or not.

A run in with a seriously bad biker gang means Devin must get out of the city, and fast. As he hops on the first bus out of town and toward Little Rapids, Devin realizes something… he’s a city boy, born and raised. This won't be easy.

Devin needs a guide. Someone to show him the ways of rural living. More than that, Devin needs a protector to keep him safe and discipline him… whether he likes it or not.

Vince Armand has spent his entire life in the country. He’s rough, tough, and has no time for delicate city ways. With a body carved from oak and with the demeanor of a grouchy bear, Vince doesn’t appreciate new company much. This Daddy Dom likes things done his way or not at all.

Unlike the other Daddies in Little Rapids, Vince isn’t interested in finding a Forever Little. He was hurt a long time ago and never got over the pain. If that wasn’t enough, Vince feels like he’s far too gruff and scary for any Little to handle anyway.

One thing Vince can’t help though is his desire to protect the innocent and vulnerable. The sight of a tired and worried Devin arriving in town sets all his Daddy instincts aflame. Devin is cute, afraid, but still full of sass. Vince knows Devin is trouble, but his Daddy instincts go into full swing regardless.

Vince needs to show Devin how to live in the country. He also needs to keep Devin safe. But when Vince and Devin’s mutual attraction becomes too hot to handle, it might just place everyone in Little Rapids at risk.

This is an MM Age Play romance featuring consenting adults who are perfect for each other. It includes spanking, suspense, sweetness, action, and a full-blooded Happy Ever After. Enjoy!

Rescue At Little Rapids is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger.

Laora's Review:

Zack did not disappoint, this book was all I expected and was lookibg forward to. A sassy little who needs a bit of help and protection and a daddy dom who can provide that, but also needs to find the best way to do so.

My only point that I would have liked to handled slightly differently is the little NY connection with the friendships, they just seemed to vanish.

This was a fun read and I am lookibg forward to see which Little and Daddy get their next hea in Little Rapids.

Rating: 4 Stars

Daddy Rescue at Little Rapids is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.