Watch Me Daddy by Skyler Snow

Doesn't everyone wish for someone to see past the walls they build? Arie's a dangerous boy that is yearning for his Daddy to finally keep him, and mafioso Ric is up to the challenge if he can let Arie in. Watch Me Daddy, the third entry into Skyler Snow's Mafia Daddies brings action, violence, with a side of caretaking to the series.

From the blurb:

I can’t stop obsessing over my Daddy.

Tall, deadly, cold. While other people call him a robot, I know the truth. Underneath that big bad mafia exterior is a man that I want to call my own. The only problem? He doesn’t see me as more than a toy. Oh and he’s straight. But…

He’s mine.

Whenever I look at Riccardo Bianchi I see DADDY in big, bold letters. Too bad he keeps me at arm’s length. Maybe it’s for the best because there are things about me that Riccardo doesn’t know. Dark things.

Life starts going to hell and he needs me more than ever. Even if Riccardo doesn’t know it, I’ll protect him with my life.

And I’ll slaughter anyone who gets in my way.

Watch Me Daddy is a full-length MM Daddy romance with morally gray characters, a cold and calculating Daddy, a seductive and deadly boy, a load of bloody violence, and a well-deserved HEA.

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Mafia Daddies), best if read in order due to the continuing cast of characters and overarching storyline (with a soft cliffhanger for the story, not the couple). Daddy/boy. Action/violence. GFY. Dual POV. 

Nobody sees behind mafioso Riccardo’s carefully crafted unemotional facade, nobody except sex worker Arie who yearns for Ric’s love and attention. 

Ric is drawn to Arie, finding comfort and possessiveness whenever he is around Arie, and Arie is a caretaker and perfect toy for Ric, but he is also hiding a secret need for violence. Arie and Ric balance each other inside and outside the bedroom, an outgoing, passionate raging killer in Aire and the quiet, compartmentalizing and intentional but equally violent Ric. 

I enjoyed all their interactions with Arie being committed to his feelings and the slower realization by Ric that Arie is everything he needs in his life. There are super steamy scenes, acceptance of each other as individuals, emotionally aware observations of each other's personalities, and deepening feelings for two men that “get” each other and have found their person. 

An entertaining read, with a couple to root for and anticipation for more stories from this Mafia Daddies universe.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

After reading several light and fluffy, low angst reads, I turned to Watch Me Daddy for what I hoped would be some angst, some danger and some seriously hot and steamy scenes... and I wasn't disappointed in any way...

As the third book in Skyler Snow's Mafia Daddy series, we've come to know Riccardo as the quiet and quirky one... and in this book he meets his forever match in Arie, the man who lives his life so unapologetically and so much on his own terms!  This book has snark, banter, inner monologues, a man who brings a knife to a gun fight and more...

Heed the warnings - this book is not for those who are squeamish and don't like the violent side of a mafia story, because Snow doesn't back away from any part of the story, but there is a genuine and adorable romance that grows between the emotionally damaged Ric and the psychotically sweet sex worker Arie.

Rating: 5 Stars

Watch Me Daddy is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.