Show Me How to Heal by Ray Celar

Show Me How to Heal is the second book in the Juniper Creek series is even better than the first one. Zayne and Lukas were so sweet together! 

From the blurb:


I can pinpoint the exact moment my professional life ended — and so can millions of other people. Suffering a career-ending injury in the middle of what may have been the most important soccer game of my whole life is bad enough. But with dozens of cameras focused on me broadcasting my injury live all over Europe, my private life has also ended.

The paparazzi are everywhere. Every step I take — or don’t take because walking these days isn’t exactly easy — there’s someone pointing a camera at me, whether it’s the press, a fan, or just someone who saw the gruesome end of my career.

I can’t take it anymore. I need to get away from all the publicity and the constant reminder of what I’ve lost.

Stumbling upon an ad for a lone cabin in some small town in Colorado seems like a wink of fate. No one will know who I am, and I can start over again. And if I told that cute guy at the bar that I’m currently unemployed… well, that’s not a lie, is it?


When I started making soaps on my own in college, I never expected to make a whole career out of it. But here I am, selling homemade soaps via my online shop and at the farmer’s market. There’s only one problem: ever since I started taking marketing advice from Adam and Avery, I’m drowning in work. My soaps are in high demand.

So even though I might want one, a boyfriend is the last thing I need. Instead, I have to focus on finding staff to help me make and sell my soaps.

But when I’m at the local bar and meet Luke, a hot-as-sin guy with troubled eyes, I can’t pass up on the opportunity to snatch him up — for my shop and for me. It’s perfect. I need company and someone who helps me with my work, and Luke is unemployed and needs a job.

What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen?

"Show Me How to Heal" is the second book in the Juniper Creek series; each book in the series can be read as a standalone. Please check the front matter for content warnings.

Janet's Review:

Show Me How to Heal is the second book in the Juniper Creek series. Seriously loved Lukas and Zayne! 

Luke had an injury that robbed him of his soccer career. He’s hounded by the media until he gets anxiety and can’t take it anymore, he runs and hides in small Juniper Creek. 

Zayne is a naturalist, he makes all natural soaps, shampoos and deodorants. He’s sweet and honest. 

The story starts out with Luke’s POV and switches to Zayne’s about halfway through. Loved, loved, loved, Zayne and Luke. They were so sweet together! 

Show Me How to Heal was an easy and fun to read story that was well written with pacing that hooked me. We also get to see Avery and Mason from Show Me How to Love! 

Overall, a fantastic read! Highly recommend. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Show Me How to Heal is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.