Rising Tide (Broken Chains MC #5) by EM Lindsey

Rising Tide this the phenomenal conclusion to the Broken Chains MC series. Raw and gritty.

From the blurb:

Once upon a time, Ghost was the best enforcer the Reapers MC had ever known—until the Hydra appeared and destroyed everything he’d worked for. After witnessing corruption down to the very core of their club, his only option was to take off his cut and leave.

But no matter how far he's run, or how many things about himself he's changed, Nate has come to realize he will never be able to escape the man he was. Ugly monsters have risen from the ashes of everything he burned down, and now they're threatening his future.

Nate understands that the only hope the Broken Chains have to win against Hydra is to cut out his heart. And he's willing to risk anything to make that happen, including his own freedom, to ensure everyone walks away from that final fight. Especially Rory, the only man who has ever held Nate’s heart in a vise.

For Rory, Nate’s willing to be reckless. For Rory, Nate’s willing to take every single one of Hydra’s hits. For Rory, Nate’s willing to do anything.

Rory knows the chaos must end—one way or another, someone isn’t walking out alive. He's tired of running, and he's tired of hiding. He didn't ask to be born into the MC life, and he knows it's not his future, but a man with a Nomad patch on his cut and tenderness in his calloused hands gives him a reason to stay. All Rory really has to do is live.

Well, that, and to convince Nate that in spite of their age difference, and in spite of their history, they can survive this rising tide.

Rising Tide is the fifth and final book of the Broken Chains MC series which is best read in order. It is an age-gap, morally grey romance containing no cheating, with a happily ever after.

Janet's Review:

Rising Tide is the fifth and last book in the Broken Chains MC series. 

Rory is Aaron’s blind brother, Ghost/Nate was tasked with helping to protect him when he was a child with the Reapers. He was tired of the toxicity of the Reapers, so he left and became a cop. When the Broken Chains needed help, he left to become Nomad. 

I freaking loved Rory and was glad that we got his story too. Rory told you like it was, he didn’t have any fear due to his upbringing. 

The conclusion to the Hydra story line was not as graphic as the previous books but it actually fit perfectly for Rory and Nate story. 

Overall, a phenomenal story!! Well written with pacing that hooked me. Read it in one sitting. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

Rory has had a rough life, all of the people in the MC has had a rough life but Rory especially so. 

Nate was the older guy Rory had a crush on when he was younger, then Rory hated him, and when Nate came back into his life he still hated him but a little less so than he did before. Nate can't get into a relationship with Rory, he is way too old for him, plus, Smoky would kill him and then hide his body. But he can't resist Rory anymore, he's waited too long for this. He's tired of following everyone else's rules, for once in his life he's doing what he wants. 

Hydra was the villain that hurt and killed people close to all of the MC crew, they all wanted him to pay. When Rory comes up with an idea to finally draw Hydra out once and for all no one is happy, especially not his brother. But no one can argue that's their only option. 

EM has a way with words, I haven't read a book by them that I haven't liked. They just know how to write. Excellent background, exceptional characters that are always 'damaged' in some way but whom overcome that. Who don't let their differences define them, it was amazing reading a book about a main character who was blind. He's in a MC and going to college all while still trying to overcome being blind and people babying him for it. 
The plot was excellent, I really enjoy that things aren't all unicorn and rainbows in this book series, things are rough, and dark, and gritty but these things are done so well. 

I highly recommend reading the previous books in this series to get maximum enjoyment out of this book, I really enjoyed this so much! I recommend this to anyone who wants a darker mm romance, one that's about falling for an older guy, found family, adjusting to changes you can't control, and stumbling your way through life. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Rising Tide is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.