Making Waves (Franklin U #7) by Christina Lee

Part of the shared Franklin U world, Making Waves is best friend's brother, first love and a second chance story.

From the blurb:

Alex Larsen

Remy Duval was my high school crush and secret first kiss, but he’s also so much more. A painter, a tattoo artist, my best friend Bailey’s older brother…and Bailey’s sworn enemy. It was easier to keep my distance the past two years, but now that Bailey and I are attending Franklin University with him, I’m only drawn to Remy more. I should be loyal to my best friend, focus on classes and swim team, but the more I see Remy around campus, the harder it becomes to stay away.

Remy Duval

My brother hates me, but that’s no surprise. I’ll take the fall for ruining our family if it means doing the right thing. But as soon as my brother and his best friend show up on campus, I know I’m in trouble. Alex is all grown up, and I can’t help wanting him, especially when he’s in those tiny swim briefs that emphasize everything.

One kiss leads to more, and before we know it, we’re tumbling into secret, no-strings-attached hookups. But who knew Alex would understand me in ways few others have? And I think, just maybe, I understand him too.

I keep telling myself it’s temporary. Alex doesn’t want to disappoint his best friend, and after what my parents went through, I’m not looking to settle down. Making waves is nothing new, but the further I fall, the more I drag Alex in the deep end with me.

Sheena's Review:

Making Waves is the sixth book in the interconnected Franklin U universe of stories, but could easily be read as a standalone.

This is a new to me author, and I really enjoyed this, I'd definitely look out for more from Christina Lee. This is Alex and Remy's story, but I guess it's also Bailey, Alex and Remy's story too as that's an important part of the story. Bailey and Remy are brothers, so it's a whole 'best friend's brother' vibe, but they all grew up together.

There's family friction between Remy and Bailey, and poor Alex stuck in the middle of it all, as he wants to be with Remy but not lose his relationship with his best friend either. Both Alex and Remy are very likable protagonists, and there is a little flirting and sexual tension before they do get together. It's totally fun though, the flirting via text and in person is a lot of fun, and there's more than a little heat too once they decide to be together.

It's a good story with no real angst, other than me wanting to reach into the book and tell Bailey to sort himself out. It all comes good in the end and it's a completely satisfying HEA. I loved the cameo appearances from the other guys in the series to, Easter eggs are always fun.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

With each new Franklin U story we get to meet a different author and see their voice shine - and in Making Waves, Christina Lee's voice shines through beautifully!  I'm a sucker for a best friend's brother story, but when you add in an estrangement and family drama, you get those extra layers of tension that make a book yummy!

Remy is the artistic bad boy - tattooing and wearing his own ink proudly - but still pining for his brother's best friend and the boy who he connected with just before his family imploded...

Alex is a sweet guy and trying to balance being a freshman, swim team, his best friend and his crush on Remy and I am totally there for all of it!

This book has  all the elements of an excellent new adult/college romance - a pinch of angst, the parties, the texting and the HEA!

Rating: 5 Stars

Making Waves is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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