Jonah and the Narwhal by Vinni George

Vinni George's splash into the paranormal waters in Jonah and the Narwhal was quite a sweet and steamy ride!

From the blurb:

What happens when fate intertwines shifters from land and sea?

When Jonah Steele hung a flyer in the local coffee shop advertising his services as a housekeeper, he didn’t expect the town’s hot doctor to hire him on the spot. He definitely didn’t think he’d still be working for the mysterious older alpha two years later. But something about Dr. Pictou keeps Jonah returning to the big house on the cliff, a bone-deep longing he can’t explain—and recently, it’s been making Jonah crave the good doctor in ways he shouldn’t.

Dr. Edwin Pictou couldn’t say why he hired the young omega lynx to clean his house, but Jonah had ensnared him at first sight, and now, even though he really doesn’t need a housekeeper, the thought of letting Jonah go is unsettling. When Edwin comes home to find the omega—who he’s started to think of as his own—in heat, he realizes there is more at play than he first thought. Fate has intervened, and Edwin has no intention of ever letting Jonah go again.

Jonah and the Narwhal is the first story in the Land and Sea shifter MPREG series featuring fated mates, pleasurable partial shifts, and the beginnings of a found family. This story has been expanded from its original version into a full-length novel.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

I discovered Vinni George through their Open Doors series and when I saw they were putting out a PNR book as their next release I signed right up! Since it's my favorite subgenre of MM and I'd already enjoyed their contemporary romances I figured it was a safe bet I'd enjoy this book as well. Happily it turned out I was right!

I'd never read about a Narwhal shifter before so I was already intrigued from the get go. I mean Narwhals are unicorns of the sea! I found I liked both Jonah and Edwin equally and though the two had been acquaintances for 2 years, I would still classify this as insta-love. As soon as these two realized they were fated mates, that was it. What followed was a super steamy and slightly kinky shifter romance with some mpreg mixed in.

I also really liked the two side characters we see a lot of in the book. Both Everett and Merritt were quirky men and I can't help but think that those two must be meant for each other. The book ends with some questions regarding one of them which makes me think their own book is planned for a future release. Here's hoping!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Jonah and the Narwhal was sooo freakin good. It is the first book in the Land and Sea: A Shifter Series. 

This was so different from the authors previous works. It only shows how diverse the author is, fantastic job! 

Loved, loved, loved Jonah and Edwin! The story hooked me and sucked me right in! This was my first Narwhal book and I loved it!! 

Insta-love, mpreg with a side of sweet and steamy, what’s not to love? Great secondary characters. 

Overall, a fantastic read!! Well written with great pacing.

Rating: 5 Stars

Jonah and the Narwhal is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.