His Rejected Alpha Mate (Sweetwater Pack #2) by Jax Stuart

"When I started the first book in the series, His Reluctant Omega Mate, I wasn't Dakota's biggest fan. By the end of it, I was joining the masses in chanting for him to find his own fated mate! Is there anyone more caring than that sweet bear? I don't think so, which makes him the perfect partner to a man like Jasper." Jacqueleen the Reading Queen and Janet give us their thoughts on His Rejected Alpha Mate.

From the blurb:

Finally reunited with his son in his new pack, and free of his former mate, Jasper discovers his fated
mate in the heart of the Sweetwater pack. Dakota is an unwelcome complication in an overloaded life.

Dakota wasn't looking for a fated mate. The loss of his love, Cooper, still lingered in his heart. The strange attraction he felt towards his best friend's papa made sense when he met the man. His true fated mate. Rejected instantly, Dakota brushes aside his hurt to make his case but Jasper stubbornly insists they can't be together, denying Dakota of the family he'd started to dream of having.

An unexpected pregnancy brings the pair together. Jasper has to learn to trust not only his life, but the life of his kids, to his new mate when an outside threat comes for the Sweetwater pack.

Proving his worth to his mate, and to himself, has never never been so vital to Dakota, especially with his children, and grandchildren's lives on the line.

His Rejected Alpha Mate contains references to past abuse, an accidental pregnancy, (whoops), lots of babies and a strange threat to the Sweetwater pack. This book must be read as part of the series due to ongoing plot threads.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

Jasper has been through hell and back. He spent the last years on the run and in hiding with his young daughter, while having no communication with his son Kade. All of this was done to protect himself and his family from his former mate, a terrible and abusive wolf shifter. There's no single way people respond to trauma, especially physical abuse, and Jasper has been left more wary than most. When he shows up to see his son after so many years, only to come face to face with his fated mate, a giant bear shifter who could snap him in half, you can see why he would be leery.

Unfortunately for Dakota, that leeriness causes the majority of the drama in what should be a joyous occasion. Finding one's fated is a blessing and poor Dakota is heartbroken. Jasper doesn't see it that way. I wanted to slap Jasper upside the head at some points, especially the moments he spent watching how wonderful Dakota was with his young daughter Angelica. I mean, Dakota was #stepdad goals. How could Jasper not realize how amazing a mate he would be? Even Kade was on Dakota's side. Every time Kade called Dakota Dad, my heart melted into goo.

Blessedly, Jasper does eventually get his act together, but of course it cannot be sunshine and rainbows from there. We have some pretty wild stuff going on plot wise in regards to shifters in general and some new and old friends popping up. There's a plan brewing somewhere. I can feel it and I cannot wait to see where the author takes this series next!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

His Rejected Alpha Mate is book two in the Sweetwater Pack series. This is seriously a fantastic second book in the series. I definitely recommend reading His Reluctant Omega Mate first as there is some overlap, but this also read great as a standalone. 

Jasper, a fox shifter, is Kade’s papa and has come to see his son who he hasn’t seen in over five years. Dakota, a bear shifter, is Kade’s best friend. I didn’t like Kota much at the beginning of the first book, but he quickly grew on me. Jasper was a jerk to Kota, and I didn’t like that because I had turned into a Kota fan! Jasper has had a rough life, especially these last five years. He’s doesn’t trust easily. He’s prickly, grumpy and he rejects Kota as his fated mate. 

When they finally get together, meaning jasper gets his head out of his bum, they are sweet, hot and steamy, spicy! 

There is some drama that unfolds that goes on with the ongoing story line. Fantastic secondary characters and a hint of what’s next! 

Overall, a phenomenal read! Well written with perfect pacing that sucked me right in. Highly recommend! 

Rating: 5 Stars

His Rejected Alpha Mate is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.