Fresh Ice (Alpha Omega Hockey #1) - Marina Vivancos

Fresh Ice is the first book in a new Omegaverse from Marina Vivancos with hockey and characters you can fall in love with. Hockey is only intended to be played by alphas and Alonso is trying his best to succeed as a player while hiding he is an omega but when he encounters an alpha that breaks down all his barriers how can they hope to have a relationship that must be kept a secret.

From the blurb:

Hockey is an Alpha’s game, which is why Omega Alonso needs to keep his designation a secret—

especially from fellow rookie Emmett ‘Levy’ Levine.

But when Levy goes into a pseudo rut and Alonso’s suppressants fail, Alonso has to deal with the danger of someone else knowing. Of someone else holding that power over him.
But…Levy doesn’t seem to want that leverage. All Levy wants is Alonso’s friendship—to be the future of the Gotham Hounds together.

Alonso’s never had a friend like that before. And, well, if he starts wanting a little more…that’s his own problem.
Falling in love isn’t in the cards for an Omega like Alonso—someone who will have to keep any relationship in the shadows as long as he’s playing hockey.

Levy deserves more than that. More than him. And Alonso’s just going to have to live with that.

SNik's Review:

First in series (Alpha Omega Hockey). Alpha/omega. Hurt/comfort. Roommates/friends with benefits to lovers. Quick read. Single POV. 

Take one easy going, charming, cinnamon roll Alpha and add a determined but fearful and traumatized Omega and you have a recipe for love in a hockey setting in this book. 

Alonso lives and breathes hockey while constantly stressed about hiding his omega status and trying to improve his game. When his teammate Levy becomes Alonso’s roommate and then his closest friend, Alonso hopes that their friendship can survive the benefits arrangement they make. 

I loved every single interaction between Alonso and Levy, their chemistry while playing hockey as well as in private, the positivity and caring Levy shows Alonso, the supportive secondary characters (ignoring Alonso’s horrible father), and the Alpha/omega worldbuild and dynamic. 

The story could have been longer, but I feel like that with every Vivancos book. Adored Alonso and Levy and their HFN. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Fresh Ice is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.