Dirty Trick (Palm Island #3) by K.M. Neuhold

Return to Palm Island where Boston is finally losing his patience when Trick keeps running off with every man Boston shows an interest in. Trick only wants Boston's attention for himself, but is getting tired of having to play a Dirty Trick with all these men in his bed when he only wants Boston. Can the off season provide an opportunity for Trick to finally get Boston to notice him?

From the blurb:

Can you be friends with benefits with a guy who hates you? What about enemies with benefits instead?

My plan to lick every cupcake Boston wants until he realizes I’m his only option might actually work out…

Was pretending to sleep with tons of men to keep my crush from hooking up with them a Dirty Trick? Sure. Do I regret it? Not one bit.

Telling Boston I have a thing for him would’ve been the logical thing to do. Unfortunately, logic hasn’t always been my strong suit. I decided to go the—“get under his skin until hostility turns into affection”-- route instead, and I think it’s finally working.

But once he’s worked off all his annoyance with me, will there be real feelings underneath? I guess only time will tell…

***Dirty Trick is an enemies with benefits story set on the gay resort of Palm Island and can be read as a stand alone, but you won’t want to miss all of these wild island shenanigans.

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Palm Island), can be read as a standalone but might be best if read in order due to the large cast of shared secondary characters. Frenemies to lovers. Slow burn. Dual POV.

When surfing instructor Pat “Trick” moved to Palm Island and bar owner, Boston, didn’t recognize him, he was hurt and a little mad, so stealing Boston’s potential hook up would ensure Boston would never forget him again. But it’s been going on for years and Boston is losing his patience while Trick is trying to find a way to tell Boston the truth, that Trick has a crush on Boston that just won’t go away.

This was a fun read, with men living a carefree lifestyle on a resort island made for having fun and most of them acting immaturely and not communicating their feelings.

Boston and Trick have quite a bit of chemistry which at first are buried underneath Trick’s shenanigans, but once the bets and dares are mixed into a mutually beneficial arrangement, Trick can’t seem to find the courage to come clean.

Both Boston and Trick are likable characters surrounded by their supportive friends rooting for them to get together. Their antagonistic interactions, which build to sweet and steamy times, were entertaining.

Another light-hearted visit to Palm Island.

Rating: 4 Stars

Janet's Review:

Dirty Trick is the third book in the Palm Island series. This is Boston and Tricks story.

They once had a brief encounter years prior to Trick moving to the Island but Boston didn’t remember him. Trick retaliates in a crazy snarky manner that is years in the making.

The premise for this was fantastic! I couldn’t stop flipping the pages. Hot, sweet, steamy, snarky and sassy!!

Overall, a fantastic story that left me smiling! Well written, highly recommend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Boston and Patrick have met before... but Boston doesn't remember and that sends Trick on a wild ride that he can't stop - for 4 flipping years...

I loved the premise of this book but found the beginning just a little hard to get into... and the fact that Trick's behaviour went on for four years was a little far fetched for me, but once they start their enemies with benefits relationship the book starts to progress much faster and I was stuck in to reading it to completion...

Dirty Trick is another fun, but sometimes frustrating read set on Palm Island and was a good addition to the story line!

Rating: 4 Stars

Sheena's Review:

This is the third Palm Island book, and I've really been looking forward to Trick and Boston's story. I knew there was more to it than there appeared to be.

I'm not sure how Trick thought his tactic of stealing away all of Boston's hookups was going to work, honestly. It was surely fun finding out though. It was so fun to see him winding up Boston more and more and I just knew it would all come to a head eventually. I did kind of feel sorry for Boston though, being on the receiving end of all the shenanigans and not knowing why. I get that he felt everyone was laughing at him when really it was Trick they were laughing at.

I am loving this whole Palm Island series, I love the idea of a ghostly matchmaker finding everyone their soulmates on the island. Boston and Trick were so much fun together, and the heat was insane. When they sorted themselves out and realised they were meant to be together, it was sweet too. I loved this whole thing and can't wait for more.

Rating: 4 Stars

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