Audio Review: Crankshaft Big Bull Mechanics, Book 1 By: K.M. Neuhold Narrated by: Tim Paige, Liam DiCosimo

"I liked it so much, I had to do a re-listen straight after." Laora on Crankshaft.

From the blurb:

I don’t have time for a relationship, not even with the adorably dorky vet I can’t seem to stop bumping into… *sigh * pass the oil and lube

Between running a garage full of beefed-up gear-head mechanics and bailing my idiot brother out of trouble every other week, the last thing I have time for is a relationship. 

I’ve tried it too many times, and the ridiculous reasons I always find to end it have become a running joke around the garage. But I’ve learned my lesson. No. More. Boyfriends.

I don’t care how many times Porter falls asleep drunk in my bed or how cute he looks covered in oil smears while I teach him how to fix up the vintage car he has rusting away in his garage; I’m not going to fall for him. 

Even if I did, what do a mechanic and a veterinarian have in common anyway? 

It’s better if we’re only friends…friends who occasionally fiddle with each other’s crankshafts....

Laora's Review:

The narrators Tim Paige and Liam DiCosimo had a great dynamic going. Their narration gave just the right vibe: pacing, fun, and spice to this book. It was an absolute joy to listen to and with a length of just under 5,5 hours it is a great length for a day of fun.🎧 5*

I think K.M. Neuhold has another good series in hand, if this first book in the new Big Bull Mechanics series is the standard. The author had no problem to draw me in the storyline and root for, laugh with and cheer on everyone involved.  

Porter and Steele are both busy business owners and the right combo for each other. Porter looks prim and proper, but holy dog biscuits, he is a whole different man in private with Steele. Steele is the caring bear he seems to be. They have serious chemistry and are steamy and cuddly and sweet together.

 I liked getting reacquainted side characters who have had their own books and known characters who might get their own. 

This was a fun, steamy good read with of course another great pet in the mic as well, queue Denali the bouncy Husky. 

📚 4,5*
Narration 5*
Overall 5*

Crankshaft is available on Audible and is Whispersynced.