Trying Not To Fall: An M/M Bodyguard Romance A.W. Scott

Trying Not To Fall is the second book in the Nightshade Security series. It's a fantastic addition to the series!  

From the blurb:

“You were never just a client to me, Damari…”

I’ve spent years focused on the job.
Protect the client always. It was a simple task.
Until it wasn’t so simple.
What was it about Damari Blackthorn that twisted me up inside?
And why does trouble seem to find him no matter where he goes?
I vow to protect his body, in the hope that he’ll one day let me do the same with his heart.

My father’s death left me in a world of trouble.
Thankfully, the men of NightShade Security were there to save the day.
With the threat gone, I can move on with life.
But what does that even mean?
Before I could figure it out, I’m yanked away and thrown head first into danger all over again.
Will the men I’ve come to call family find me in time?

Trying Not To Fall features a broody bodyguard, an innocent client in need of help, and definite ‘touch him and die’ vibes. There is a heavy dose of steam, some violence, and witty banter between characters. This is book two of the NightShade Security series. Every couple gets their own book. Some parts of the story arc will continue through the series. It features characters from Club Deny and Princess Pen Pals, though you do not need to read those first to follow along.

Janet's Review:

Trying Not To Fall is the second book in the Nightshade Security series. It does overlap with Definitely Not Meant To Be and should be read after that one. 

Godric and Cohen make an appearance in Trying Not To Fall also. They were protecting Damari in that one, this book focuses on Damari and Ronan. Damari is such a sweetheart who has had bad shite happen to him. Ronan just wants to protect him. 

I loved Damari and Ronan together; they were sweet and steamy together! The plot was well developed and kept me engaged. 

Well written with great pacing! Overall, a fantastic addition to the series. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Trying Not To Falll is available to buy on Amazon and read through Kindle Unlimited Subscription.