Mr. Romance (Franklin U book 3) by Louisa Masters

Jacqueleen says "I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun I've been having in the Franklin U multi author universe! The books so far have all been 5 star amazing and Mr. Romance is no different!"  See what our team thinks of this FU offering:

From the blurb:

When you’re clueless, Mr. Romance can help.

I’m not sure how it happened, but it turns out I’ve unknowingly been dating three people.
Friends don’t spoil other friends, apparently. My trust fund means I can afford to, though, and what’s a meal here and there? Or some clothes? Or textbooks? That doesn’t mean we’re dating, right?
Others disagree. If I want to get through the rest of college knowing who my friends are, I need help from someone who knows all about dating and can tell me what not to do.
Someone like Mr. Romance.

When people look at me, romance is the last thing they think of… but I’m still the first person they call. Need a first date planned? A big romantic moment? Gotta beg for forgiveness? I’m your man. When it comes to romance, I’ve got it handled.
Not personally, though. My romantic life is… barren. All I really want is someone to snuggle with and spoil me. What I’ve got is planning dates for people who have no clue about romancing someone.
But now I’m somehow Charlie Martin’s anti-romance consultant. Charlie, who’s completely clueless yet the most accepting and friendly person I’ve ever met. Who’s giving and generous. Who’s befriended me and wants me to be happy.
I’m supposed to help him stop his friends from falling for him. The last thing I need is to fall for him myself.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

If there was ever a golden retriever in human form it would be Charlie. He is just the most loyal, sweet, and endearing MC ever. Nothing gets him down, unless he perceived himself to have hurt another person. Unfortunately, when the book starts off he does just that, albeit he does it unknowingly. You see Charlie is such a loyal and amazing friend he doesn't realize that all the things he does for them can most certainly be taken as something only a boyfriend would do. Basically, all these friends Charlie cares for so much are under the assumption Charlie is their boyfriend, while Charlie just thinks what great friends they are. It's actually quite humorous if you think about it and is what leads him to asking Mr. Romance, aka Liam, for help.

This book showed me Louisa Masters in a different light than I usually see from them. From my experience their books are usually plot heavy. The romance is there, but not as prevalent. In Mr. Romance we get just what the title proclaims, a romance. A really cute one if I'm being honest. The majority of the book centers around the romance between Liam and Charlie. The things Charlie needs are a bit outside Liam's usual wheelhouse, but connected enough that he agrees to help him. This leads to them spending more and more time together and as they get to know one another as friends it is obvious they like what they see.

I loved how they were both so afraid to confront their growing feelings for one another. Charlie, because he's just oblivious for most of it and Liam, because he doesn't want to be another one of Charlie's friends who expect more from him than friendship. When hooking up enters the mix, it doesn't take long for those feelings to grow until the most adorable love confession ever written. Honestly, I think hearts may have flown out of my eyes like a cartoon it was so sweet. I have been having the time of my life reading the Franklin U series, none have rated less than 5 stars, and I cannot wait to see what Neve Wilder has in store for us next with Bet You!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Sheena's Review:

4-4.5 stars

This is the third in the interconnected Franklin U universe, I only read one of the previous stories but it could easily be read as a standalone.  Liam is 'Mr Romance', helping clueless lovers get together by planning the perfect date or relationship help while never finding his own Mr Right.  Charlie is the epitome of clueless.  He doesn't know how to 'friend' and has ended up with more than one person thinking they're dating him when he only sees them as friends.  Enter Liam helping him to get a clue and becoming his friend (and more) in the process.

I loved Liam and Charlie, they're both clueless in their own way and perfect for each other.  I adored how sweet they were together, Charlie giving Liam the romance he craved and could give to others, yet never got himself.  Liam giving Charlie much needed perspective and standing up to his more selfless tendencies.

I just loved these two, I loved their story and especially the Mr. Romance part.  I'm loving this Franklin U universe and looking forward to the other stories too.  

Rating: 4.25 Stars

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (Franklin U) but all are standalone stories. Friends to lovers. Dual POV. 

Oblivious college student Charlie is generous and friendly to a fault, and when he finds that most of his friends think he is in a romantic relationship with them he needs help. Charlie hires Liam to help coach him on reading social cues and better communicating his friendliness is not romantic. 

However, as Charlie and Liam become friends with added benefits they both start to have more than friendly feelings. Charlie is sweet and clueless, Liam is savvy and a romantic at heart, and when they are together they build a supportive and loving relationship. 

There are some fun secondary characters (with some cameos and references to the author's other series), and steamy times, but the main thrust is Charlie’s big heart and Liam’s management of Charlie’s interactions while trying not to be the friend that falls for Charlie but unable to help himself when Charlie wants to be everything to Liam.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Heather's Review:

Charlie and Liam's story has such strong romcom vibes... the oblivious, but redeemable Charlie who needs to learn to set boundaries with his 'friends' and with himself and the love guru who plans romantic dates and big moments for others but doesn't have anyone to be romantic with are introduced and make a connection...

This book is a slow burn romance where the characters learn to become friends first and romance follows.   It's funny, sweet, poignant and has those big Rom Com moments and the small intimate romantic ones that you wish for every couple.

It was great meeting both these characters and also seeing them interact with the varying side characters, many of whom think they're dating Charlie...

Mr. Romance was a fun, quick read and I can see it becoming a movie one day!

Rating: 5 Stars

Mr. Romance is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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