Markov (Tangled Tentacles #4) by J.P. Sayle and Lisa Oliver

It's finally time to find out the truth about Markov being absent from the family, and it's not going to be what you think. 

From the blurb:

When Markov finds himself in a life and death situation, can the man who rejected him be his true saviour?

Markov Thalassa is stubborn, however even he has his limits when it comes to being rejected. When his brothers need help he contacts the one man he believes can, Cassius his old Shadow Commander. Only things backfire and Markov leaves the security of his family and his ex-teammates, heading straight into the clutches of evil on a quest to help find missing dragon eggs.

Shadow Commander, Cassius hides a secret. A secret so big that it means he has to reject his fated mate. Then he finds out his mate is in danger and must make some decisions that could jeopardize everything he works so hard to protect.

His world falls apart while he searches for Markov and now he has nothing to lose. But is it too late for forgiveness as the two men fight against the clock to figure out how to keep the Thalassa’s growing family safe from Andromeda – the worst kind of evil.

Markov is a paranormal gay romance, with a hard-headed shark who struggles to share and a kraken who decides to shake things up.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

I was leery going into this. Cassius had definitely not endeared himself to me after his actions in the previous books. Then finding out he was Markovs mate, and that he'd known for years? Yeah Cassius went to the top of my shit list.

It broke my heart when we finally were given the truth behind Cassius actions. I almost felt guilty for my previous dislike of him. Thankfully when it came down to it Cassius came through and did the right thing, but by then he'd already paid the price. Markov was an amazing mate and so was his kraken who was very present in this book as well. I admired how Markov stuck to his guns when it came to protecting his mate, even from his bullheaded brothers.

We get some serious headway on ridding the world of the big bad in this book. However, it's not over yet. Kelvin still has his book next and I wasn't at all surprised at who his mate turned out to be. Although I do wonder why it took them so long to figure it out. I guess I'll have to wait for my answer once the next and I'm pretty sure last book in the series comes out.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Jacquie's Review:

Going in I wasn't sure how I'd get on with Cassius who hadn't endeared himself to me with his talk about mates.

Quickly that attitude changed as his reasons became clear.

There's a lot of action in here and really, I think there needs to be some warnings about the science experiments and deaths of new characters because, wow, it got to me in places.

Alexi and Victor did annoy me a little but their feelings are valid. I think a little more communication could have gone a long way, but it makes sense why things went as they did.

I was hooked on this book. So much happened.

There are so many twists and turns I hardly know who's good and bad and it's down to Kelvin's book to sort it all out.

Can't wait

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Markov is the fourth book in the Tangled Tentacles series. Each of the stories overlap, so you’ll want to start with Alexi first. 

Markov simply put was fantastic! I couldn’t stop reading all night long, sleep is so overrated! Markov hooked me right from the first sentence. Markov and Cassius are awesome together, they work well as a team and a couple. 

Cassius was Markov’s old Shadow Commander. He’s hiding a big secret. Markov is helping his brother’s mates hunt down missing dragon eggs when he goes missing. 

There’s some serious heat and steam between Cassius and Markov, you can’t run forever from your fated mate! 

There’s some really twisted twists and turns that surprised me. I love that we get a glimpse into Alexi and Danik, Victor and Azim, and Todd, Lucas and Ki’s lives with their babies! I’m still mad at Alexi and Victor! lol! 

Overall, a fantastic addition to the series. Well written with pacing that just flows and sucks you into the story! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

My review for this is a little late but better late than never, right? It took me a few days to read this. It was a bit slow paced compared to the previous books. There was plenty of action and I love the storyline and having more of the mysteries solved. I enjoy how the story arc is woven into each book and keeps continuing. I'm looking forward to Kelvin's so I can find out more about what's happening with the missing shifters and the missing dragon's eggs. 

These two were difficult for me to like for some reason. Both were incredibly bullheaded and stubborn. I understand why Cassius behaved the way he did. I just can't help but think about the fact that he never once wondered if the photos were forged? He was a soldier essentially. He had to of known that was a possibility. And Markov? Why did he have to go lone kraken? 

I wish we got more information about the extra abilities that each of the two men got when they mated. Things were mentioned, but then it never circled back to them. I also wanted more of Cassius in his Hammerhead shark form. We got plenty of krakens, so I just wish there was more of a shark point of view too. 
Rating: 5 Stars

Markov is available to buy as an ebook and paperback.


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