Kings of the Mountain by Morgan Brice

The King family are supernatural hunters. Dawson and Grady have grown up fighting together, but before they get a chance for more, Dawson leaves for 4 years. Dawson is finally back and wants to pursue more with Grady, but their reunion is put on hold while they deal with grief and danger.

Kings of the Mountain Blurb 

Fast cars. Outlaw country boys. Snarky werewolves, vengeful ghosts, and menacing monsters.

Dawson King’s family has been hunting things that go bump in the night in Transylvania County, North Carolina, since before the Revolutionary War.

Dawson was never happier than when he was racing his souped-up Mustang along winding mountain roads and hunting monsters with his best friend, Grady. Then Grady fell in love with him, which should have been perfect since Dawson had already fallen hard for Grady.

But Grady was only seventeen, and Dawson feared that sooner or later, Grady would realize his feelings were just a first crush, and then he’d be gone, leaving Dawson devastated. They both needed space to figure things out. So Dawson joined the army, while Grady stayed on the mountain.

Four years later, Dawson is coming home. He’s more sure than ever Grady is his forever love, and they’ve both agreed to begin this new aspect of their relationship as soon as Dawson gets back.

Then Grady’s father is killed in a werewolf hunt gone wrong. Grady is devastated, and he’s throwing mixed signals about moving forward. Dawson knows he needs to hold off on this new thing between them until Grady has time to grieve. But monsters never sleep, and one hunt after another throws Dawson and Grady into constant danger, while tension and unresolved feelings ripple between them.

Making it even harder, Dawson’s got a secret. He’s dreamed of death omens—which point to something stalking Grady. Can Dawson figure out who’s trying to kill Grady, save his life, and win back his heart?

Plenty of mutual pining, hurt/comfort, spooky chills, sexy thrills, and a very happy ending. Kings of the Mountain is the first novel in the series. It is a MM romance intended for readers 18 years of age and older.

Snik's Review:

First in series (Kings of the Mountain). Paranormal. Hurt/comfort. Slow burn. Childhood friends to lovers/second chance. Dual POV. 

Dawson and Grady are born to a family of hunters, they help kill and banish all kinds of supernatural beings and have been friends their entire lives. When they start to realize their attraction Dawson enlists in the army to try and give them some time to mature and grow much to Grady’s dismay, and 4 years later they agree to start a relationship only to have tragedy and danger ruin their reunion. Lots of pining and yearning between Dawson and Grady, interspersed with action and time relearning how to be friends again. There is a large amount of time where Dawson and Grady do not communicate their true feelings, their fear getting in the way, but it gives time for the worldbuilding and the relationship which is mostly built on their past (with some flashbacks) to move slowly. 

Enjoyable introduction to a new series by Morgan Brice, a HFN for Dawson and Grady, with enough build up to make this reader look forward to more with this couple and the paranormal surrounding the King family of Cunanoon mountain.

Rating: 4 Stars

Kings of the Mountain can be purchased in ebook or paperback.

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