Ignite by Elouise East

I am usually really good at keeping track of my ARCs but one got away from me and hid from view until Elouise's wonderful PA checked in with me... luckily Ignite was an engrossing read and I didn't really need to sleep in, or clean my house today (the in-laws are only coming tomorrow morning) but I digress... Ignite was a wonderfully quick read and a fun and different take on the friends to lovers trope!

From the blurb:

Have they been matched with their version of perfection?

To everyone he meets, Leo is calm, confident and put-together, but deep inside he feels useless. After too many failed relationships, Leo hands over the reins to a matchmaking company; obviously, he’s unable to choose the right guy by himself.

Noah is a respectable chef who always follows the rules, keeping his head down, just like his parents taught him. Unfortunately, his long working hours make it difficult to find time for pleasure. After a high recommendation, he chooses one final option: a matchmaking company.

When they find out they’ve been matched together, they struggle to leave their misconceptions at the door. But what would happen if they try for more?

A best friends-to-lovers, MM matchmaking story.

Heather's Review:

Best friends who confide to each other about their bad dates, relationship woes and stresses but never see what's right in front of them until they both find themselves on a train with their 'perfect' match - each other!

Ignite was a really sweet, quick read that came together in a lovely way and really expounded on the best friends angle and taking their relationship to the next level.  I also like that despite being friends for years, there are still surprises in store...

I love the concept of meeting your match on a train trip, arriving at a destination to explore and hopping back on the train to head home - so I'm glad there are more books to come in the series!

Rating: 5 Stars

Ignite is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription