A Little More Trust (Hot Property #1) by Pauley J Ray

A Little More Trust was a good debut novel. Hurt/comfort and wealthy businessman vs blue collar trope. 

From the blurb:

Ethan Scott has everything he could possibly want: an amazing career, great friends, and more money than he’s ever dreamed of. Oh, and men. So many men. Yep, life is perfect, and he doesn’t ever see it changing.

Nate Sullivan has sworn off men. They can’t be trusted. Simple as that. After years of being lied to by the man he thought he loved, the very married man with a wife and kids, he’s promised to never give his heart away or get emotionally attached to anyone again.

Ethan thinks it’ll be a sure thing to get Nate into his bed, but when the sexy and frustrating decorator rebuffs him at every turn, he comes up with a new plan to tempt the man he can’t stop thinking about. A sex agreement. For the duration of Nate’s work contract, with no strings attached and definitely no hearts and roses or emotional fallout.

It sounds like the perfect deal. Nate gets to have the man he’s been craving since they first met before walking away, his heart intact. Ethan gets to have Nate in his bed, finally satisfying the itch he’s constantly trying to scratch. Problem is, Ethan’s still trying to extricate himself from his disastrous marriage and if there’s one thing Nate won’t touch, it’s a married man. When Nate finds out what Ethan’s been hiding, the betrayal of trust leaves him devastated.

Nate leaves, but Ethan’s determined not to let him go. Will Nate give him the chance to explain, or will he risk losing the only man he’s ever truly loved?

Janet's Review:

A Little More Trust was a good debut novel by Pauley J Ray and the first book in the Hot Property series. 

We meet Ethan and Nate. Nate has been hired to paint Ethan’s house. They have a fast and immediate connection, a spark and chemistry! They quickly move into friends to friends with benefits. Both men have past baggage they need to discard. Including an ex-husband that Nate wasn’t aware of, leaving him devastated. 

The story features hurt/comfort and wealthy businessman vs blue collar trope themes. Overall, a good story. Well written with nice pacing. Definitely recommend. 

Rating: 4 Stars

SNik's Review:

First in series (Hot Property). Hurt/comfort. Dual POV. 

Bidding on a new house painting job, Nate meets gorgeous and successful business owner Ethan and there is an immediate attraction. But Ethan doesn’t do relationships, and Nate has been burned before so he doesn’t trust easily, so while Ethan pursues him Nate is hesitant to start anything. Agreeing to a casual hookup only relationship seems to be the answer but eventually both men begin to have more than casual feelings. 

This story is high in heat and that carries on throughout the book, but the background and histories for Ethan and Nate beyond their lust are slow to develop. 

Both Ethan and Nate open themselves up to their connection, Nate allowing himself to risk his heart and Ethan finding himself sharing his true self with Nate. 

More information about Ethan and Nate as individuals beyond the bedroom would have made this a more romantic story for me, but there were some moments of heartfelt emotional writing which I enjoyed. 

There are some secondary characters that are supportive and are possibly going to be future series main characters. 

Good debut from author Pauley J. Ray and strong start to a new series.

Rating: 4 Stars