A Beach Far Away by BL Maxwell

A vacation to love and find love in A Beach Far Away

From the blurb:

A Beach Far Away
BL Maxwell

Ryan Stone can’t wait to put his toes in the sand at the famous Bondi Beach. When he arrives after a flight that was far too long, and having not slept or eaten, all he can do is stare out at the beautiful expanse of white sand and blue ocean in awe. And when a blond guy asks him to play footy, he agrees, even if he doesn’t know for sure what that is.

Ollie Hughes thinks a day at the beach is just what he needs to take his mind off work. When he sees the cute but rumpled guy sitting by himself in the sand, he’s drawn to him. The more time they spend together, the less he wants the day to end. They end up spending a few days together, those few days turn into weeks, and neither is ready for their time together to end.

A lot of chemistry, and a little bit of luck make for an interesting day at the beach that both men are reluctant to end. Time and distance could be their biggest obstacle, but maybe some things are just meant to be. #meetcute #vacationromance #mmromance

Laora's Review:

This is a lovely spur off the moment travel, mm instalove contemporary romance novella. Which shows the world of the travelling workers: being able to work anywhere as long as there is internet.

Ryan has a three-month tourist visa and just wants to see the country. At his first stop at Bondi Beach, he meets Ryan, who offers him a place for the night. They find they have a friendly click, and find really quickly there is more.

I enjoyed the travel info about Australia and the relaxed flow of the book, which for me proved that if you are relaxed and happy, and let go of unreasonable fear, things will 'come' your way.

Rating: 4 Stars

Heather's Review:

I first encountered Ryan and Ollie when BL Maxwell introduced them in the Love is Love anthology earlier this year and I was excited to see that their story has been revised and expanded from there!  If you read the anthology, you'll find some great new scenes and more depth to their budding relationship, although it's definitely still an insta-love situation!

If you're looking for a great vacation story for your vacation, you'll want to pack A Beach Far Away in your carry on...

Rating: 4 Stars

A Beach Far Away is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription