Real Hazard by Elle Keaton

Real Hazard was a fantastic story. An EMT, a cook/chef and a nine-year-old matchmaker.

From the blurb:

They're not looking for love, but it catches them anyway. Can two very different men find common ground and claim a future... together?


Things I love

✓ my kid sister

✓ the no-hope dogs I rehabilitate

✓ my job as an EMT

✓ and maybe my new friend Dutch.

But Dutch isn’t gay and physical attraction isn’t something I feel often. Are these feelings real, or am I just tired of being alone?


This is all Hazel’s fault. Hazel the Hazard.

✓ Hazel made me come to first grade safety day.

✓ Hazel blurted out—loudly—about the beautiful fireman.

✓ Hazel invited the beautiful fireman over for a party.

I swear I’m not gay, but Foster Jennings is the most beautiful man I’ve ever met, outside and in.

Dutch Schumach is the single dad of a precocious daughter. He moved to Piedras wanting a better life for Hazel and himself. Things are shaping up, he’s landed a permanent job at Brooch Resort and Hazel has quit having nightmares that someone is going to steal her away.

Then everything goes sideways, Dutch’s past threatens his future and he doesn’t know where to turn.

Something is wrong, Dutch is pushing him away and won’t tell Foster why.

When Hazel goes missing Dutch can’t hide anymore, he needs his… Foster to help him get Hazel back.

#Demisexual #BiAwakening #SingleDad #FindingFamily

Real Hazard is book four in the West Coast Forensics series, can be read as a standalone but may be more fully enjoyed if you start with Real Trouble.

Janet's Review:

Real Hazard is the story of Dutch and Foster and Hazel, the Real Hazard! 

Foster is an EMT who we’ve met in several of the books starting back in the Veiled Intentions series. He takes care of his sister and is lonely. 

Dutch works with Dany from Real Trouble at Broach Resort as a cook. He’s raising his nine-year-old daughter Hazel and holy moly is she a handful! She stole the story several times. 

Dutch and Foster form a friendship due to Hazel’s mechanisms but it quickly grows to more. When Dutch’s former life rears its ugly head, Foster steps up even when Dutch tries to push him away. 

This was an addicting read, really the whole series is. Do yourself a favor and read it. 

Overall, a fantastic story, that is well written with catchy pacing! Highly recommend. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Real Hazard is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription