Prince of LA - Patricia Logan

Prince of LA is the start of a new FBI series from Patricia Logan, full of action with a sexy FBI profiler and a former marine with a swoony southern accent. Teamwork makes the dream work as Leo and Max hunt a serial killer while starting a friendly relationship which slowly builds to something more.

From the blurb:

Special Agent Leo Reeves is new to the FBI’s L.A. field office. His career has been on track since the
day he joined the bureau. He loves his job as a profiler and being assigned to a new team in one of the busiest offices in the nation will be the opportunity of a lifetime…if he can put the past behind him. The face Leo shows the world is strong, focused, dependable, and capable. The long list of citations in his file only serve to prove how good he is.

If he could only forget he was sired by a monster.

Former Marine Staff Sergeant, Max Prince, leads by example. Whether it means protecting men in battle, working for the US Marshal service, or being the best damn field agent the FBI has ever seen, he brings a special kind of bravery to the job. His teammates depend on his ready smiles, his funny jokes, and know him as the excellent agent he’s proven to be. They never see the man who buried his heart eight years ago.

The last thing he wants is to fall for the new guy.

When a serial killer suddenly starts targeting innocents, both men have trouble pinning down who they’re dealing with. With victimology all over the place, Leo can’t make sense of a profile, and Max simply wants to put the bastard away before he murders anyone else. The case is maddening but worse, the attraction the two men find every time they look at each other, is beginning to get in the way.

SNik's Review:

First in series (FBI Files) within the same law enforcement universe as the author’s Death and Destruction series. Action/suspense. Coworkers. Found family. Slow burn. 

FBI profiler Leo is new to the LA field office and is pleasantly surprised by how easy it is working with his new team, especially one coworker he is very attracted to, his partner Max Prince. 

Former marine Max loves working for the FBI, and the addition of sexy profiler Leo is great even though he has to work harder to focus on his job when Leo is around. 

Both Leo and Max have complicated histories, but communicate honestly with each other and there is only a slight hesitation before the men act on their mutual interest. 

On the hunt for a serial killer, Leo and Max work well together while building a friendly relationship that quickly turns steamy. 

A large secondary cast (with some character crossovers and cameos from the Death and Destruction series) support the action and investigation side as well as create the teamwork and found family aspect of the story that drives the story outside of the romance. 

Leo and Max are swoony together, with some fun banter mixed in. An entertaining read, I look forward to more action with Leo and Max as this series continues, rooting for them as they grow as a couple. 

Currently this is an HFN.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Prince of LA is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription