Gravity by Tal Bauer

Gravity - The force/magnetism of mutual attraction between two men meant to be together. Hockey, growing love and a supportive cast of characters as only Tal Bauer can write.

From the blurb:

C’est cela l’amour, et tu es mon rêve...


Hockey is my life. This game pulled me from my tiny Quebec hometown all the way to the NHL, and now? I’m the number one player in the league. Team capitaine for the Montréal Étoiles. I’m shattering records and packing arenas every night, and I’ve promised my team: we’re going to win the Stanley Cup this year.

But I’m keeping big secrets. I'm thinking dangerous thoughts, and dreaming about impossible things. Like how a man’s lips might taste, or how his body might feel in my arms.

I can’t go there. I’ve got to focus. Team. Hockey. Cup. What my heart wants doesn’t matter.

So why am I falling head over heels at the NHL's All-Star Weekend?

I can’t do this. I can’t fall for Hunter Lacey. He’s a hockey player. We’re both in the NHL. He’s on a different team. And, oh yeah, he’s straight.


I’m a middle-of-the-road, nothing-special hockey player. Good enough to be drafted into the NHL, and I’ve been on the roster for the past two years, but I’ll never make the Hall of Fame. I’m just trying to
keep my head up and get through each day, until this wild ride comes to an end.

Deep thinking isn’t really my thing. Look inside myself? Lotta beer and burgers there.

I never thought I’d be invited to the All-Star Weekend, but here I am. And there’s my hero: Bryce Michel, league superstar.

Saying hello to Bryce turns into hours spent together on the ice, and then an invite to dinner, and then days at each other's side. I’m in heaven. He’s my hero, and this is the coolest—

Then Bryce’s lips land on mine, and the world turns upside down.

Gravity is an MM romance featuring bi/gay awakening, friends to lovers, team shenanigans, fast-paced hockey, ice-melting sizzle, and swoony Québécois love songs.

SNik's Review:

Standalone. Insta-love. Dual POV. 

Two men that live and love hockey brought together during All-Star weekend and have an instant connection. Bryce and Hunter fall easily into a friendship, everything from playing hockey together to sharing their thoughts and dreams brings them joy and happiness. 

Bryce believes he’s attracted to men and when he meets Hunter he has no doubts, but Hunter is not as sure and when he loses the important bond he had built with Bryce he realizes that his feelings are also deeper than friendship. 

The yearning and pining is true Tal Bauer. Bryce and Hunter quickly commit to expanding their relationship and can’t help the inevitable fall into love. 

Once Bryce and Hunter are together there are swoony moments, honest communication, steamy interactions, and a beautiful strength to their love. 

A fast ramp up to love but Bauer’s gorgeous prose makes all the feelings intense and meaningful. Great supportive cast of characters and no heavy angst made this a great read. Hockey and love written by Tal Bauer, what more can you ask for?

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review: 

Gravity was a truly beautiful and phenomenal read! Bi-awakening, low angst and sports/hockey romance. 

Hunter and Bryce meet at an all-star tournament in Vegas. They have instant chemistry on and off the ice. Their instant friendship takes a shocking twist, they must face a new reality. 

As with any Tal Bauer story, we must also be put through the emotional wringer with Hunter and Bryce. Unexpected and surprising twists and turns. 

I loved the secondary characters, their hockey family was amazing! I’ve watched a lot of hockey in my lifetime and Gravity felt and read realistic. 

The visuals of the story and the prose were amazing. I felt like I was there along with players, felt their emotions and every hit against the game boards! This story hooked me and didn’t let me go very easily. 

It was well written and the pacing just flowed so smoothly. Overall, fantastic, outstanding, phenomenal!! I was left with a severe book hangover! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Gravity is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription