#ThrowbackThursday - Hart Beats by Drew Duncan

This week's Throwback Thursday introduces me to a new author to add to my TBR (and we've been offered the chance to review the book, so watch for our thoughts).  Hart Beats by Drew Duncan is a standalone Rockstar Romance and we've got a delicious excerpt!  This book is in wide release so you can grab it from your favourite bookseller books2read.com/hartbeats

From the blurb:

"After the simultaneous destruction of both his band and his life, Alex Hart has no choice but to pick up the pieces and move on. Spitfire Junction needs a new drummer and Alex is perfect for the job. All he has to do is keep things strictly professional. Easy, right?

Johnny Scott - philanderer, rogue and all round dirty flirt - has been eyeing the new drummer since the man walked in, but when Spitfire Junction heads out on their all-important first major tour, he knows he should keep his eyes, and other parts, to himself. Problem is, Johnny’s never been great at following the rules.

The chemistry between them is explosively undeniable. But when Alex’s ex shows up, threatening to tear down everything in Alex’s life all over again, Johnny can’t help but step in. Can he really keep things professional, or is Alex the man to tame his wild ways for good?

Hart Beats is a standalone in the MM Rockstar/Rock Band Romance. It's a hot bass player and drummer gay romance set in England (UK) with a side of humour, steamy sex, and some elements of emotional abuse."


"I closed the door behind him, slumped against it, and let the tears fall. I had been holding on to the emotions swarming me since I got home from our latest tour. But now it all came spilling out. I had found my boyfriend and one third of the band I was in balls deep in our manager's twenty-two-year-old daughter. Our relationship was over, our band was over. My life felt like it was over.

Trust Preston Phillips to take fucking up to a whole new level. The band was in tatters, our manager was bailing on us, and my relationship with the man I had loved since I was seventeen was over. The last nine years wiped out with one sordid little affair. I let the tears fall. I needed to let it out; my life as I knew it was over.

It wasn’t the fact that he had cheated on me with a woman that hurt me the most. He was bisexual, and that had never been a secret. His ex right before me was female. It was that Preston was as indignant as ever when confronted about what the hell he was thinking by shagging the girl he had been around since she was the tender age of thirteen.

About the Author:

Drew is an Irish author with a panache for sarcasm and a love of the random, her cynicism knows no bounds, but she’s a secret hopeless romantic who likes to let her characters sizzle on the pages.

She lives her with two children, and dreams of escaping to Hampshire, the home of Jane Austen. When she’s not writing, you can find her knitting, crocheting, shouting at Ireland playing rugby, and of course reading.

Grab it from your favourite bookseller books2read.com/hartbeats and let us know what you think!