The Enforcer and His Heart (Kincaid Pack #5) by Kiki Clark

Grumpy vs sunshine! Dreamwalking, twists and turns and secrets revealed! The Enforcer and His Heart has it all.

From the blurb:

With Keegan's safety on the line, there is nothing Nico won't do to protect him.

The mysterious Keegan has been haunting Nico's dreams.

Ever since the night he stormed through the pack's protections like they were nothing, Nico hasn't been able to forget the powerful young witch. Not his scarred face, his loyalty, or his fierce but sad eyes.

Nico just wished he'd caught Keegan's scent. He ached to know if his fated mate is a witch stuck on the other side of the country.

No one will stop him from finding out.

The Kincaid Pack is trouble.

Everyone knew that, and Keegan's coven forbid contact with them.

But Keegan broke the rules, and now he can't stop dreaming about a shifter he barely caught a glimpse of the night he'd helped the pack. The teasing smile he sees every time he shuts his eyes is becoming a near obsession.

One he isn't sure he wants to stop.

The Enforcer and His Heart is the fifth book in the bestselling Kincaid Pack series, best read in order. This installment features a pack Enforcer who's the epitome of sunshine, a grumpy witch who never planned on being a single parent but would do anything for his child, a three-year-old who thinks wolf snuggles are the best thing ever, inept and allergy-inducing wooing, and a dangerous road trip guaranteed to end in a happily ever after.

Janet's Review:

We are back with the Kinkaid pack!! 

Nico is a pack enforcer with a beautiful sunshiny personality! Keegan is the witch that we met in book three, The Deputy and His Enforcer, when he saved Wendy. He is part of the La Fleur Coven, one of the largest in the south. 

Keegan’s magic instantly knows who Nico is to him, but he has reasons for leaving and going back home. Nico has been having dreams of Keegan visiting him, dreamwalking. Keegan and Nico were both so darn stubborn! Both of them will do anything to protect the other. 

There are secrets that will be revealed and an ending that will shock your system. 

Overall,The Enforcer and His Heart is a phenomenal read. I literally couldn’t put it down, I was hooked and engaged, and nothing was coming between me and my reading! Highly recommend!!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Angel's Review:

The Enforcer and His Heart by Kiki Clark is the most recent release in the Kincaid Pack series. 

I think this one was the most action- packed of the series yet. After Keegan and Nico catch a glimpse of each other at the border they know instantly that they're mates. But Keegan couldn't stay, he can't let himself go to Nico... Can he? 

Let me start off with saying that this whole series has been so phenomenal, there has been so much detail and character development that I'm seriously impressed. Sometimes in a book series the books will start to go downhill, that did not happen here! Each book just kept getting better and better, we learned more about the prophesies and what Mikel was trying to tell Rick before he died. 

I love that more characters keep getting added and that they actually add to the storyline, there isn't a character in this series that shouldn't be there.  I also really enjoy being able to catch up with all of the characters from the previous books. 

I'm just going to keep saying I loved everything cause it's accurate, I loved how Nico was with Keegan's daughter and how she cheered Nico up when he was sad. 

I can't wait to see what else happens in this series and who else we get to read about. I'm so excited to finally get to read about Damien, now I just have to wait a little longer. 

The only minor thing I have against this book is that this one ends in a cliffhanger. I understand why it ended that way, but now I'm dying to know what happens! 

While these books can be read as standalones I highly suggest reading this in order. 

I recommend this book and this series, you will not be disappointed. 

Rating: 5 Stars

The Enforcer and His Heart is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription