The Devil's Wings (Hellbound, #4) by Alexa Piper

The Devil's Wings is the beginning of a new story arc and must be read as part of the series.

From the blurb:

Lionel is in love with the Devil. It has taken the necromancer and police consultant a while to acknowledge it, and the impatient and overeager Lucifer didn’t always make it easy for Lionel to come to terms with his emotions, but Lionel is finally in a place where he wants to open up to his boyfriend.

After some well-deserved vacation time, Lionel finds himself back at work, and he is welcomed by a potential murder case that quickly turns into a mystery he is determined to solve. Lucifer has been having his own thoughts on intimacy and sharing things, and there are small details about himself he has yet to tell his necromancer.

In-between an unusual case of corpses at the beach, Lucifer reveals his secret to the man he loves. As a result, the Devil will have to learn that a secret once revealed cannot be unmade by any deal. And Lionel will have to find a way to make his peace with the fact that loving a god and letting that god love him is just not as easy as he thought.

Jacquie's Review:

The Devil's Wings feels like the end of a chapter for Lionel and Lucy in some ways, with Nelly accepting his place in Lucy's life. There's some closure to the storyline of the first 3 books so those must be read first.

It isn't the end of the series though and I'm glad of that, especially because of where it is left off. Not a cliffhanger as such, but very much the start of a new storyline for Lucy and Nelly.

I love Lucifer and Lionel together. The two of them as a couple are something powerful and I think this will be important going forward. They have such a great connection.

A good dose of steam, with some kink, and a lot of sweet, loving moments. Each of the characters have come into their own.

There will be 6 books in the series, so 2 more to go. Can't wait.

Rating: 5 Stars

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