Not So Hidden (Hidden Love Series Book 2) by Eskay Kabba

'Interesting. So while Jamal made me feel safe, I made him feel valued...' - Connor, Not So Hidden

From the blurb:

Former Marine Corp Corporal Connor McIntyre has found love again.

After tragically losing the love of his life in the war, he had sworn off love for a few years until retired Army Sergeant Jamel Jones walked into his life and changed him for the better. And now Connor is the happiest he had ever been. 

Their love is steamy, their bond is unbreakable, and Connor knows that Jamel is his happily ever after.

Laora's Review:

Not So Hidden is book 2 in the Hidden Love series. The story ends on a cliffhanger. The mcs however are together.

Also, be aware of triggers. Flashbacks of combat and past abuse, abuse by a parent and sibling on and of page.

Oh, wow Eskay did not disappoint me after having read book one ' Hidden Love' , this book continues the overall storyline and follows Connor and Jamal during the further development of their relationship, I would have loved to have gotten even more insight into Jamal his feelings and thoughts, but liked that we got more insight into Connor his mind and also the steps he has to take to feel safe to be out especially around his family.

I just loved how the author gives both space to Connor and Jamal to get to a stage that works for them. And of course, with the support and help of their ' found family' and friends and Jamal, his actual family. I also liked that we follow their friends' lives in general as well.

I do have to say Not So Hidden did not end as expected and I am looking for more to see what happens next.
I read this book in one go and had to know what happened next.

Rating: 5 Stars