Little Treasure He Hides (Little Paws Haven #1) by J.P. Sayle and Lisa Oliver

Little Treasure He Hides is an age/play Daddy little romance that pulls at your heartstrings.

From the blurb:

Book One: MM Paranormal Shifter Romance / Fated Mates / Past Trauma / Daddy Kink / MC club / Huggy Daddy Bear / Little Wolf

Asher has learned to hide who he is. Can his fated mate heal the layers of pain and mistrust to claim his trust and heart?

A traumatic experience with his old pack leaves Asher having to fight to prove his worth. As a top enforcer for the local MC wolf pack, he must do as his alpha requests, even facing his biggest fear - revealing what he hides.

Asher was wrong to think life couldn’t get any worse. After being sent to help Gabai, the owner of the local BDSM club, he ends up with a fated mate he doesn’t want. Worse, Gabai is a Daddy bear.

As they work together to find out who is sabotaging Gabai’s business, it becomes too much for Asher. On the run, he crashes, and his wolf makes a life-changing decision.

Now Gabai must decide what is more important, being the man or the Daddy that Asher needs - or maybe he needs both.

Little Treasure He Hides (Book one, Little Paws Haven Series) is a paranormal, fated mates, daddy/boy romance where a bear learns that he’s not too old to change, and a wolf learns that sometimes all he needs is a patient Daddy to trust.

Denise's Review:

Who doesn't love a shifter story that involves a little. A new series that will keep you on the seat of your pants.

I truly love reading this author's books. This is a new genre for this author and a really enjoyed it as much as her other stories. Little Treasure He Hides was a very well-written story, very addicting didn't want to put this book down. I truly can't wait to see where they take us on the Journey For This series. This is a must-read book.

Rating: 5 Stars

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's Review:

I will preface this review by stating it's not my usual trope. I enjoy a good Daddy kink book every now and then, but have rarely read Age-Play of this magnitude. I wanted to take a chance because I have thoroughly enjoyed the paranormal series these authors collaborated on and I've also been a fan of their separate works. So take this review with a grain of salt so to speak.

Little Treasure He Hides is a hurt/comfort romance about a Daddy bear and owner of a BDSM club named Gabai and his reluctant mate Asher. Asher is an enforcer for the pack near where Gabai's club is located. When Gabai reaches out to the alpha for help with finding out who is vandalizing his club, it's Asher who gets sent to help. Neither of them expected they'd get their fated mate out of the deal.

When Asher finds out his fated mate is a Daddy, all his fears from his past come back. He's been though a horrific trauma and his anxiety stems from his previous experiences with a Daddy who was anything but caring. Ever since then Asher has hidden that part of himself. He no longer acknowledges the Little inside him. That headspace hasn't been accessed for years, yet no matter how hard Asher tries to hide it Gabai knows the truth. Gabai knows that fate wouldn't pair him with anything other than his perfect compliment which means he knows deep down that there is a Little hiding inside his scowling mate.

On top of working through their relationship issues, Gabai and Asher have to figure out what is going on with the club. The romance is the main focus and a lot of time is spent with Gabai trying to give Asher what he needs to work through everything. It was a bumpy start, but slowly Asher opens up. By the end of the book Asher and Gabai have truly found their roles and a place in each others lives that fit perfectly.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Cosmo. He was quite the character and I can totally see why Fate made the decision she did when it came to his fate. That man is going to be a handful and I am glad his story his next. Even though as I mentioned this isn't my usual read, the authors did a great job with endearing me to him and the little sneak of his book already has me adding it to my enormous TBR.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Little Treasure He Hides was sooo freakin good! Gabai owns and operates a kink club, but his passion is taking care of the littles. When the littles are threatened, he calls in help. Help arrives in the form of his fated mate Asher. Asher is touch sensitive and super grumpy. Asher is a Wolf and top enforcer at the local MC. Gabai is a Daddy and a Bear and can sense that Asher is a little. This was a perfect blend of grumpy meets sunshine. 

They get off to a terrible start, Gabai’s dominant side came out a little to strong! Thankfully Gabai realized it and worked to change to be what Asher needed. Asher was so freakin broken but Gabai got through to him and made Asher feel safe to be who he was. I loved how Gabai helped Asher get his revenge that he so desperately needed to heal!

Loved, loved, loved Gabai and Asher! I couldn’t put the book down once I started it! Overall, a fantastic read! Well written with that perfect pacing that just flows so smoothly.  

Rating: 5 Stars

Gabrielle Lee's Review:

This book is a wonderful start to the Little Paws Haven series. You will meet and fall in love with so many wonderful shifters in this new world.

When Gabai needs help it is Asher who comes. Yet it turns out that Asher is the one that may need the help. To their surprise Asher and Gabai are fated mates but the past has left its scars and the two must work through them as they also try to figure out who is targeting Gabai. Can fated mates truly overcome everything and find love?

I enjoyed meeting Asher and Gabai. The two work well together as a couple and it was nice to see how their relationship takes shape. The two have their ups and downs and missteps but they are both willing to try and to fight for what they could have. Both Asher and Gabai endeared themselves to this reader. Asher is a strong man who has survived a lot and Gabai is a good man who understands and loves with his whole heart. Their story is full of emotions and grabs your attention right from the start.
Not only did I enjoy the main couple of Asher and Gabai, but It was interesting to meet all the characters in this world and how they fit in. Gabai’s club and the people within it are the main focus of this series. There are many stand out personalities and I am eager to see them get their stories. 

Rating: 4 Stars