Hate to Love You by Ava Olsen

Hate to Love You is one is a delicious enemies to lovers, co-worker romance with great snark, steam and emotional depth all wrapped up in a novella!

From the blurb:

He loves me…

Oliver Gaston loves his job as lead bodyguard with Spartan Security, taking every available assignment to keep his mind from ruminating on his haunted past. Now if only he could forget Jon Thackery, a mouthy but sexy private investigator he was paired with on a recent case, a man he loves to hate.

He loves me not…

Jon Thackery is a hard-working PI with absolutely no filter. His blunt manner provokes the temper of many, including the grumpy but gorgeous Oliver. But underneath their heated sparring lies an attraction neither man is prepared for.

He hates to love me. Even better.

Thrown together on a new case, one revealing moment sparks their fiery chemistry and with it, an unexpected depth of emotion they find only in each other’s arms. If love is the flip side of hate, Jon and Oliver are in for a powerful reckoning.

Heather's Review:

Hate to Love You was an action-packed emotional and steamy roller-coaster wrapped in the thin cord that stretches from hate to lust...

I love the snark and banter, the steam and the real emotions that these characters portray - it's very much an opposites attract situation - Jon pushes while Oliver pulls away and they rub each other the wrong way and then the right way...

I honestly didn't feel like this was under 100 pages... it's a complete story and completely worth adding to your TBR!

I can't wait for the rest of this series!

Rating: 5 Stars


This was a full story even if it was novella length. It had everything in it for me enemies to lovers, or was it just always attraction?

I loved the flow of the story, the action, pull and push of attraction. Jon and Oliver have it all including heat and spice in the bedroom.

There is also a stalker story in this tale and all that entails to positive end, after some upheavel.

I read this straight through and felt like it was a much longer story due to how it was set out and how much was in it.

Rating: 5 Stars