Flipping (Haunted Hearts Book 1) by R. Lee Fryar

Flipping will end up haunting your thoughts.  

From the blurb:

Charley Dalton died a homeless man. He’s not about to be a homeless ghost.

When Charley’s haunted house passes into the hands of psychic house flipper, Austin Sparks, Charley promises himself and the ghosts he lives with that he’ll haunt overtime to get rid of the threat. Once people start pulling up carpets and tearing down walls, a haunted house is doomed.

Charley devises a plan to scare Austin off for good. But Austin Sparks doesn’t scare easily. Worse, he’s sexy as hell, and soon Charley has a bigger problem than failed plans. He’s got the hots for the enemy.

But forbidden romance isn’t part of a ghost’s happily-ever-afterlife.

Angel's Review:

Flipping will end up haunting your thoughts, in the best way! I was a little skeptical of this book, I didn't think that it could possibly be a romance book with one of the characters being a ghost but it worked! I loved this, the characters were all fleshed out (as much as they could be for being a ghost) and they all had their own personalities. Levi was the grumpy child who didn't want things to change, Alice was the slightly grumpy lady who loved to play card games and spoil George Washington, Robert was a older man who fell in love with Austin's grandma and loved to tend to the garden, and Jeff was a caring spirit who was trying to keep his family together and happy. Don't think I forgot about Charley, I didn't! He was so sweet and kind, but he was also confused. He knew he felt an attachment to Austin but he didn't want to betray his family. 

I really enjoyed the build up to these two characters falling in love, it was definitely a slow burn, and I would say an enemies to lovers as well. The author didn't rush a relationship between the two main characters which gave time to let them get to know each other better. 

This was such a unique concept and it was executed beautifully. Detailed backstory, wonderful characters, and a magical haunted house. I highly recommend Flipping will end up haunting your thoughts., it's bound to make you smile!.

Rating: 5 Stars