Cover Reveal: Blood Kiss by Christa Tomlinson

We're so pleased to be able to share the cover for Christa Tomlinson's new book, coming August 9th, Blood Kiss!

From the blurb:

"No Price Is Too High To Pay When A Vampire Is Determined To Claim His Mate.

Vampire Everett has zero interest in purchasing a human to meet his blood needs. As a crime lord in the Sanguis Syndicate, his nights are too busy to have time to care for a human in exchange for their blood. Until a gorgeous redhead steps onto the auction stage. Suddenly, Everett is willing to bid any amount to win the charming young man for himself.

Solan entered the blood donor auctions as a lark. But things quickly turn serious when he meets the glowing blue gaze of his tall, stern vampire patron. Solan fights his attraction to Everett, determined to complete his contract without any physical or emotional entanglements. However, the sensual intimacy of sharing his blood with Everett, of feeling his fangs pierce his neck, might derail all of Solan’s plans to resist him.

Bound together by a contract, passion slowly begins to burn between the vampire and his pet. But will that passion be enough to keep them together once their contract comes to an end?

Blood Kiss is an M/M vampire romance. It has a spoiled but loving mob prince, the stern vampire who adores him, blood drinking hot enough to melt your e-readers, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After." 


"Are you saying, that I can feed from you?"


After his answer, Solan's heart thundered as if he had a galloping race horse in his chest. He'd just agreed to let Everett drink his blood. That wasn't what he'd expected to happen when he'd charged down the stairs half-cocked but he didn't backtrack. Not even when Everett stared at him for a long moment, as if he was waiting for him to change his mind. When Solan didn't say anything, Everett nodded, accepting Solan's answer.

"Are you scared?" Everett asked.

"No," he lied.

"Good. Because there's nothing to be afraid of."

Everett went over and sat on the couch. Solan's eyes skittered away from the way his dress pants hugged his muscular thighs. 

"Come and sit down," he said patting the spot next to him. 

Solan joined him, sitting stiffly with his back straight and hands tightly gripping his knees.

"Relax," Everett said softly. 

Solan tried to do so, but he didn't manage to do more than slightly loosen the death grip he had on his kneecaps. He looked at Everett, allowing a little of his nervousness to show. "Will it hurt?" 

"Yes. But only for a moment. After that, a relaxing feeling will take over."

"I won't enjoy it." 

"Hmmm." Everett made the noncommittal noise as he reached for the buttons on Solan's night shirt. 

Solan flinched back. "What are you doing?" 

"I need to take your shirt off."


"I prefer not to have your collar jabbing me in the nose while I feed. Is that all right?"

Solan thought about it for a moment. What Everett said made sense. And he didn't know how messy the feeding would be. Taking his night shirt off would keep any of his blood from dripping on it. He nodded. "That's fine."

Everett slowly slipped each button from its hole. He pushed the pajama top off Solan's shoulder first before removing it completely. He didn't pay much attention to Solan's bared chest. All of his attention was on his neck. 

"I need to remove this as well," he said in a voice gone low and husky. 

He pressed a thumb to the back of the tracking collar and it popped open with a quiet click. The collar fell from Solan's neck. Everett caught it and set it aside. When he looked back at Solan, his eyes were glowing nearly as bright as they had when he'd carried Solan from Warren's club. He brought a hand up, gently cupping the back of Solan's head and tilting it to the side. Their thighs pressed together when he moved over and leaned in. Solan tried to stay calm but his heart was pounding. This was really happening.

Soft breath brushed over his skin first. Then came twin pinpricks of pain. They were quickly replaced by a warm, shivery sensation that started at the site of the bite and flowed throughout his entire body. Everett's lips formed a tight seal on Solan's neck. When he took the first pull on his vein, Solan was hit with an unexpected wave of deep pleasure.

"Ah!" He gasped aloud at the shock of it and his head fell back, baring all of his throat. Everett growled, the sound vibrating against his skin. He moved closer, held Solan tighter. Every time Everett sucked, a ripple of exquisite tingling sensation went through Solan. His nipples tightened, his stomach lifting behind his navel. And fuck. He was hard, his cock straining against the front of his pajama pants. He clenched his fists, jamming them against his thighs in an effort to resist the instinct that urged him to reach up and hold on to Everett. 

And then, the sucking stopped. Everett stayed there for a moment after he withdrew his fangs, breath hot against Solan's neck. He licked over the spots where he'd bitten, sealing the wounds. Solan bit his lip, holding back the moan that wanted to slip free at the feel of Everett's warm, wet tongue lazily sliding over the sensitive spot on his neck. He remained quiet and still, trying not to call attention to his body's responses to Everett drinking his blood. He would die if Everett saw his erection. 

After what felt like an endless amount of time, Everett finally raised his head. His eyes were still glowing and there was a single smear of blood at the corner of his mouth. As Solan watched, Everett swiped his thumb over the spot, then sucked the digit into his mouth. To his surprise, his cock throbbed at the sight of Everett savoring that final drop of his blood.

Solan hid his arousal behind the shield of a smugly voiced question. "How do I taste?"

"You taste hot."

Unimpressed, Solan rolled his eyes. "All blood is hot." 

"I don't mean the temperature. You taste like fire." Everett's glowing eyes dropped to his mouth. "Wild and hot. But also sweet."

Solan's skin was suddenly too tight. And they were sitting too close to one another, their thighs still warmly pressed together. His heart rate sped up. Belatedly remembering that Everett could hear it, Solan again tried to calm his body down. He leaned back, out of their shared space.

"I'm not kissing you," he said baldly. Kissing Everett would be a bad idea. A very bad idea. He decided in that moment, that as long as he was here, he was not going to kiss Everett. Ever.

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