Adrift in the Embers: The Game Series #7 by Cara Dee

Reviewers, Red Book Reads, Autumn, Nicole, Heather and Janet all read and loved Adrift in the Embers. This story can be read as a standalone but Red Book Reads advises reading The Shepherd first for background and Heather says just start at the beginning...

From the blurb:

The Game Series | Book 7 | Standalone | Daddy/Little | MMMM | D/s | Family

Join Little Corey on his journey out of the fire, away from the crippling doubt and uncertainties, and into the healing, adrenaline-inducing, sweet, filthy, and safe embrace of three men starting to realize their dynamic might not be complete just yet.

On a bad day, I blamed my stupid, damaged, autistic brain. No one forced me to be with him. No one forced me to accept what he told me. That I was difficult. Difficult to handle, difficult to please…heck, even difficult to go out to dinner with, considering all my texture issues. On a bad day, I believed every word he said. I was lucky to have him. I loved him so, so much for putting up with me. I was gonna leave my friends and family behind, move with him to Denver, and we were going to be happy together forever.

Then Master Greer opened his big mouth, and I didn’t know what to believe anymore. He was my friend, my favorite Sadist in the whole world, and he was dating two amazing men who were also saying stuff that was painful to hear. Like, I wasn’t difficult at all. Like, the man who was supposed to protect me, love me, and take care of me in our Daddy/Little relationship was in reality abusing me.

I started having good days thanks to them. Good, bewildering, mind-numbing, eye-opening, very good days. It was just extremely important I didn’t get confused by their kindness. They opened up their home to me as an act of friendship. Nothing more, nothing less. As soon as I felt better, I’d be on my way again.


The Game Series is a BDSM series where romance meets the reality of kink. Sometimes we fall for someone we don’t match with, sometimes vanilla business gets in the way of kinky pleasure, and sometimes we have to compromise and push ourselves to overcome trauma and insecurities. No matter what, one thing is certain. This is not a perfect world—and maybe that’s why the happily ever after feels so good.

Reds Book Reads Review:

I absolutely adored this book!!!

So this is Corey’s story and it pretty much picks up after the events of The Shepherd. You could argue that you could read this as a stand-alone but you will absolutely benefit from reading The Shepherd first as you will get the background for Archer, Greer and Sloan as well as seeing more of Corey from a different point of view. 

My heart went out to Corey at the beginning of this book and I absolutely felt for him. I already loved him from what I saw of him in The Shepherd but this book cemented it for me and I just want to give him a hug! 

The relationship that develops between them all is just amazing and I adored how they all got their needs met. Such a great book and I didn’t want to put it down once I started. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Autumn's Review:

First off, I have read every Cara Dee book there is. I was a fan before she published.

Anyways, she never writes things the normal way. So much emotion is packed into this book. Although the summary says this book can be read as a standalone, I think any reader needs to read The Shepard before diving into this one. Better yet, read the entire Game Series to get the full picture since so many of the characters cross over in all these books. 

I loved Corey. He's one of my fave now (aside from a different series that Cara has written). He's been through so much, and I love when characters have to struggle. 
I loved the autism aspect also that was put into this book. Cara makes the struggle of life feel normal, along with the kink community. 

I so can't wait to read more of this series! 

Rating: 5 Stars

Nicole's Review:

My goodness.... Adrift in the Embers was just WOW. I read this as a standalone with the prior knowledge that there would be a lot of characters I wouldn't be familiar with. Other then having a hard time keeping the side characters straight, this didn't effect my enjoyment at all.

Corey was so sweet! It was heartbreaking to read how Marcus used his disability to abuse him. Cara did a beautiful job portraying his internal struggle to recover from this, as well as how his new family knew when to push him or not. Sloan was just perfect as his new daddy, so caring and supportive. I really appreciated that each individual relationship was developed as well. I was worried that there would be jealousy issues, especially for Archer, and was delighted he made the first move. Greer's initial internal struggle was so true to his character.  The smexy times were off the charts, and an amazing compliment to the emotional connections of the dynamic.  The epilogue was just the perfect icing on the cake for me. Standing ovation, and I'm now going to devour the previous books in this series as fast as I can!!!

Rating: 5 Stars

Janet's Review:

Adrift in the Embers is truly phenomenal!!

Greer, Archie, Sloan and Corey all return to get their story. Adrift in the Embers is told entirely in Corey’s pov and we follow along on his journey to join the family. 

In The Shepherd we had the Daddy, the Sadist and the Slave. Corey already has a Daddy but he’s starting to realize that maybe Marcus isn’t the best one for him. 

I didn’t like how Corey had been emotionally abused by his Daddy but it’s essential in the story. Greer, Archie and Sloan are there for him, supportive and they fold him into their family. 

I love all four of them together! They felt grounded and realistic!! A Drift in the Embers was such an emotional journey. 

Overall, a fantastic read! The story was really well written, the pacing was smooth, highly recommend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

This was my first book in the Game Series and I have no idea why I waited so long to read them... but now my TBR is six books heavier... because I was absolutely enchanted by Corey and the BDSM dynamic that allowed him to join an established polyamory household and learn to trust himself again...

I have loved every Cara Dee book I've read to date and this is no exception.  I had no trouble picking up on the dynamics between main characters or keeping the side characters straight (well, not straight, and definitely all kinky).

I love how this book is told entirely from Corey's POV and shows him navigating out of an abusive relationship and into one that better suits his needs and fills his heart... 

I'm going to recommend that you not do what I did - start with book 1 and work your way up to this delicious polyamory story, but if all you're looking for is a well told mmmm romance with some sadism, masochism, daddy and little, than have at it - you'll enjoy it as much as I did

Rating: 5 Stars

Adrift in the Embers is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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