My Fake Mafia Daddy (Italian Protectors Book 1) by Aster Rae

My Fake Mafia Daddy is a fast paced insta-love the new Italian Protector Series. 

From the blurb:

Italian mobsters make the best fake boyfriends.

I don’t do relationships.
Being cheated on will do that and besides, in my line of work, partners only draw bad attention from the mob.
I have no time for anything serious with guys.
Like… Arlo.
I should avoid the blond twenty-one-year-old angel who trips in the club at all costs.
But the moment I rescue him from the floor, I doubt my ability to resist.
He’s clumsy, adorkable, and in serious need of a protector.
He'd also make an excellent fake boyfriend to take to my cousin Michael's wedding.
And when Arlo turns his teary blue eyes up to me and thanks me for saving him… I have no choice but to make him mine.

This is a super swoony, full-length MM Mafia romance with a happily ever after and lots of warm fuzzies! 

Janet's Review:

My Fake Mafia Daddy is a new series and the first book in the Italian Protector series. 

Arlo is a lonely boy that hasn’t has the best care from his parent in his upbringing. He just wants someone to care for his health and wellbeing. When he goes to a newer club he trips and falls and is rescued by Constantine. 

Constantine has been cheated on and is wary but instantly falls in love with Arlo. 

My Fake Mafia Daddy was a sweet, instalove with great characters. There is some crossover to the Russian Protectors series. 

Overall a great read, well written with great pacing! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars

My Fake Mafia Daddy is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription