I'm Not in Love (Don't Let Go #1) by Mia Kerick

From the I'm Not In Love blurb:

I’m not in love…
I’m not in love…
I will never let myself fall in love with Tristan Wilder.
And maybe if I tell myself this a thousand times, I’ll believe it.

Having lost his parents to a tragic accident when he was a child, wealthy hotel heir Remi (Julian Remington III) refuses to form intimate emotional bonds, fearing a repeat of the crushing loss that destroyed his youth. This means no deep friendships, no heartfelt family ties, and God forbid should he ever fall in love… Well, it’s safe to say he will never let that happen.

However, as a senior at the most prestigious art college in Garner City—his last year of freedom before he’s required to take his place at the top of the Remington family empire—Remi freely explores sexual intimacy with “distractingly” beautiful men. And he does so with enthusiasm—how better to distract himself from the temptation to experience tender human connection?

Remi’s plans for emotional isolation are shook up when he meets Tristan Wilder, a nude model for his life drawing class. Stunningly beautiful from head to toe—and inside his heart, as well—Tristan struggles to scrape together enough money to support his twin sister, Tara, and her three young children. Like Remi, “Uncle Tris” is unwilling to enter a romantic relationship—his responsibility to family is all-consuming. As the men take a chance on casual friendship, Remi comes to admire Tristan’s devotion to his family. And with Remi’s surprisingly doting attention to Tara’s children, he works his way into Tristan’s heart.

Tristan is finally all in, but can commitment phobic Remi lower his walls enough to allow Tristan—and the entire Wilder family—into his heart?

Stay tuned for Smitten, Book 2 in the DON’T LET GO Series.

Janet's Review:

Tristan/Tris does nude modeling to help support his family. He takes care of his twin sister and her three children. 

Remi is from a wealthy family but is doing what he loves until he has to go home and take up the family mantle. 

They begin a relationship. They both have trauma in their past that cause strife. 

Loved Dacis, Remi’s best friend and Tara, Tristan’s sister and her three kids, they brought a lot to the story. Remi’s Grandparent’s coldness left me feeling sad. 

Overall, I'm Not In Love is a fantastic read! Well written with great pacing, the story flowed.

Rating: 5 Stars

I'm Not In Love is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription