Cover Reveal and Excerpt: Coming Together (Hearts for Hire #3) by Raquel Riley

So excited to be able to share the cover for the next release in one of my favourite series this year, Coming Together by Raquel Riley!  If you haven't read Lucky MatchHopeless for You, you have enough time to grab them both before Coming Together releases on August 1st!  Isn't this cover pretty:

Growing up together, they shared everything. But now, Reid is ready to keep Riley for himself.

Riley Morgan 
I'm in love with Reid Morgan–my roommate, my childhood best friend, my life.

I've wasted years wishing he felt the same. I risk losing him if I reveal my true feelings. But I can’t stop my heart from loving him. After everything we’ve been through, don’t we deserve happiness together?

Reid Morgan
For six years, I’ve pined for a man that only sees me as his responsibility. 

After I was brutally attacked, Riley believes I’m too fragile to handle a romantic relationship. We share everything but our bodies. But that isn’t enough for me anymore. 

Could Riley ever see me as a boyfriend to love? 

Coming Together is the third book in the Hearts For Hire series. This demisexual gay escort romance features hurt/comfort, childhood friends to lovers, found family, mutual pining, first times, and a romantic getaway that leads to the happiest ever after. 

Riley’s POV Chapter 1

I cracked one eye open and a head of downy blond hair filled my vision. Closing my eye again, I inhaled the fresh scent of the warm body blanketing mine. He smelled like scented dryer sheets fresh from the laundry. 

Heaven—I imagined this was what heaven would be like when I died. 

Those ten minutes of blissful peace were the best I got every day. Which was why I was a morning person. I got to wake up like this, holding Reid in my arms, absorbing his body heat, smelling his fresh scent, and touching his smooth skin without looking like a creeper. As long as he stayed asleep, I could get away with it. When he stirred, I would have to let him go and roll over, pretending to be annoyed by his sleepy clinginess.

As if on cue, Reid rolled over and brushed his rump against my groin. As he nestled into a comfortable position, his bottom nudged me repeatedly, making my dick fill. When I groaned and snapped my hips back, he smiled sleepily. 

Sometimes, I wondered if he did this shit on purpose to torture me. Lately, it seemed as if we were both more aware of the tension between us than ever before—which was definitely causing problems for us.

Relaxing my hips, I let my body come back into contact with Reid’s backside. The heat he radiated warmed me like an electric blanket, making me want to press against him—crawl inside of him. 

It has always been like this. When Reid and I were in foster care together as kids, we shared a bed. Every night, I slept next to Reid to keep him safe and to comfort him. Unfortunately, that freed up a lot of space in our bedroom for an extra set of bunk beds. We were never alone—never had a minute of privacy growing up in the system. The constant chaos and distractions had their own set of pros and cons, which kept our problems at bay until we started college.

It wasn’t until we started attending Waltham University that we finally found ourselves completely alone in our bedroom for the first time in our lives. Reid took that as a green light to shed clothes little by little at bedtime. It started with him changing from sleep pants to boxer shorts. Then he began sleeping without a T-shirt. And sometimes, during the summer, I would wake up to find him in nothing but a pair of skimpy briefs. He claimed I threw off too much body heat, like a furnace, and that he was sweaty.

It made me want to sleep in cotton flannel every night.

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