Smoke and Sparks (Campfire Stories Book 2) by Sadie Jay

"I was drowning in an undertow, my breath pulled from me, and I didn't care."

From the Smoke and Sparks blurb:

Couch-surfing is fine for the short term, but what Vaughn really needs is a roommate.

Vaughn’s future was mapped out: Attend college in St. Louis. Become a Physical Therapist. Come out to his ultra-religious family-- after he’s financially stable and probably 40-years-old. But that was before he got caught with the pool-boy. Now he has to make new plans, quickly.

A small-town mechanic from Indiana, Daryl has never met anyone like Vaughn. He’s instantly fascinated by the tall college student in the skinny jeans and open-backed shirt. Vaughn is funny, intelligent—and wears silk underwear. Daryl is instantly smitten.

A temporary job offer moves Daryl to the city and solves Vaughn’s roommate problem. But while their former long-distance friendship has the potential to turn into something more, Vaughn fears he’ll end up heartbroken when Daryl moves back to Indiana. The spark between them glows brighter, but will it be smothered before it has a chance to truly ignite?

Miki.J's Review:

Very sweet story. We met both characters in the first book (Embers and Flame) and this story runs in a similar time-line to that book.  

Vaughn is trying to keep a roof over his head by working as much as possible but also continue his classes at college, with not much help from family.  

Darryl is a mechanic and meets Vaughn one weekend at camp and instantly becomes besotted with him. 
And that's when he realises that he may be gay.  

The connection between them is electric and you'd think young lust but it does turn into more.  

Smoke and Sparks  is low angst and filled with young love and is funny... How do you date?? There's no minimum age on falling in love ..... and you still have to work at it, regardless of age.  

Beautifully written and ends at same time as book 1......nicely done indeed !

Rating: 5 Stars

Smoke and Sparks is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription