Pre-order Excerpt and ARC Giveaway: The Lies of Gravity: Lost in Between #1 C.N. Marie & Lizzie James

So excited to share that several members of our team have been selected to read ARC's of The Lies of Gravity by C.N. Marie and Lizzie James which releases May 12th and they've said that one of our readers can have an ARC too!   Check out the blurb and this sweet excerpt and then enter to win!  You can also guarantee your e-book or paperback copy by pre-ordering today!

From the blurb:

I was a player. Relationships and me never seemed to work out. I was career-driven and focused on my professional goals.
I had no clue how much my life was about to change when he blew into my world. I always thought I was an open book. Unfortunately, there was a secret in my life that could possibly destroy us.
How wrong was I? I was completely unprepared for how much damage one little secret could cause.

Watching my friends get married, it changed me. For the first time, it made me want to be as happy as they were.
Unfortunately for me, I had no clue that when my forever did turn up, I would push him away. That all the lies and secrets that came between us would do nothing but push me away from him and create a distance that I had no clue how to bridge the gap on.

These two were like gravity… Will they let the lies and secrets continue to come between them or will they be mature enough to stand up and fight for what they want more than anything else.


He lifted his hand and placed his fingers beneath my chin. "I'd rather be broken by you, Luke," he whispered, "than constantly wonder what it would have been like to burn in your eyes."

I couldn't have been able to keep the smile off my face if I had tried. "Is this the charming side of you that you warned me about?" I asked, threading my fingers through the back of his hair.

"That was a pretty good line, wasn't it?" He grinned up at me with that sexy confidence of his. We both laughed when he asked me that.

I lowered my face down to his and pressed my lips to his. He gasped against my lips before I felt him squeeze my hips. The action rocked us slightly and as I began to lower him down to the bed, I knew that tonight would be the night I would remember as our first time.

Tonight would be the night I knew that would change me, break me open until I was no longer my own person. I would be his from the second I open my heart to him and as I pressed myself against him, I found I no longer cared.

He could twist me, break me and shatter me into a million shards. I would rather be a broken mess and be his for a short time than to go back to London without knowing what his touch felt like.

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