Dragon's Blood (Tristan #3) by S. Legend

It might be the end of the trilogy but Dragon's Blood is not the last we'll see of Tristan Kanes.

From the blurb:

The Thrilling Conclusion to the Tristan Trilogy

Tristan's got it made. He fights alongside his beloved, he has two men who dote on him faithfully, and the stars have promised him he's to do great things for his Elven people. What more could a guy want?

Unfortunately, there's that little, tiny detail about the Emperor of the Underworld knocking at their door, and a growing army of witch wyrms to deal with. Plus, Tristan's already dramatic love life explodes to epic proportions when Bayaden shows up in an unexpected way. The dragon in Tristan's blood stirs and he's off on another wild adventure. This time the stakes are real—if he doesn't get it together, the whole Elven realm could pay for his folly.

A triple play MM story with dragons and swords and elves. And basically, the usual with Tristan getting himself in over his head and having to fight his way out of it. It’s got plenty of the caretaking dynamic Mock (S. Legend) is known for.

Jacquie's Review:

As usual for the Tristan series, I was hooked from the get go. There's something about S.Legend's style that draws me in and keeps me reading well past my bedtime!

Dragon's Blood ends the trilogy well, picking up story threads and weaving them into the tale seamlessly. A lot I just couldn't predict, but really, there were hints all along. There's plenty still to solve, but I can't say for spoilers. Just know that this isn't the end for Tristan and his growing family.

Tristan is an elf now, and elves are poly, so he has two men to start with, then extra are added. Each man gives Tristan something different that he needs and it suits the wider explanation of how Tristan is formed.

A favourite of mine gets plenty of page time and I was so happy for every stolen moment and all the banter.

You absolutely need to read, (or in the case of book 1 - listen to) the other books first to understand anything that is going on as things and characters from book 1 appear here.

Tristan is a brat, and they get spankings. A number of kinks are explored and there are quite a few steamy scenes - elves are horny a lot, okay? There's plenty of aww moments to go along with that and a ton of plot and outside of the bedroom action.

For me, this goes into my re-read pile. Looking forward to more, Mock!

Rating: 5 Stars

Dragon's Blood is currently available in e-book and hardcover & paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription