All Revved Up (Riding Home Book 2) by Amy Bellows

Janet calls All Revved Up a "stunning ending to Fairy Daddy. Open poly romance that hooked me and made me part of their world."

From the blurb:

Building a life together is a lot more complicated than a road trip.

When Chris, Revv, and Gray bond, they live thousands of miles away from each other.

Revv and Chris live in Rixton where Chris has tenure at a prestigious university and Revv has worked for his family
business for over a decade. But Rixton is in Southern California and Gray is half polar bear shifter. The summer heat is completely unbearable for him.

Gray has lived in Anchorage his entire life, and he wants to stay. But that would mean Chris giving up his dream job and Revv leaving his family in a lurch. He can't ask that of his mates.

When Revv finally figures out which of his many lovers got him pregnant, the answer may change everything...

All Revved Up is an MMM romance set in the omegaverse with MPreg and nesting. It’s the sequel to Fairy Daddy, and will not make sense unless you’ve read the first book. It also includes characters from the Alaskan Pebble Gifters series.

Janet's Review:

All Revved Up is the second story in the Riding Home series featuring Daddy Chris, Revv and Gray. Fairy Daddy was a lot of heat and steam, and while there is still a lot of that in this story, it features more on their relationship and character development/dynamic. 

Chris will do anything to ensure that his guys are happy. Gray is in turmoil, being a polar bear shifter. He cannot handle heat in California but will if it makes Chris and Revv happy. 

I adored the hatching scene with Revv! I loved the antics of Revv! I loved having a revisit with the guys from the Alaskan Pebble Gifters series and play a bit in the story. 

The only thing that I didn’t seem to feel a connection for was the story line with Jack and Jerry. Their obviously in a open poly story but we didn’t get enough interactions with them. 

Overall, All Revved Up is a stunning follow up to Fairy Daddy. It was well written, and the pacing flowed beautifully. Hooked me. 

Rating: 5 Stars

Laora's Review:

This is a very good second book in 'The riding home' series. We again meet up with all the mc's from 'Fairy daddy' and follow along in the furthering of the relations in the polycule. We also get to know more about the backstory of several of the mc's and the guys make some major life-changing decisions in their personal life.

I loved  Revv his journey to create his birthing nest and how this brought  Chris his pebble search full circle.

And of course the humour, open minded writing and love throughout  the world that is created in this  book was a delight to immerse myself in. And it was so good to meet so many of the characters from earlier books by the author.

Rating: 5 Stars

All Revved Up is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription