The Star Gods' Slave by AT Lander

The Star Gods' Slave is book two in the Gods and Men series. That follows Roman sailor Lucius, Lucius is sold as a slave after being captured by pirates. The mysterious Master who paid a pretty penny for Lucius is no other than Castor, mortal son of King Tyndarus. This is an erotic retelling of the Gemini twins of Greek mythology. Where Both Castor and his twin Pollux, immortal son of Zeus capture the affection of their alluring slave.

From the blurb:

Twin gods, one man, and a secret desire…

Lucius, a handsome and bookish Roman sailor, knows his fate is sealed when he’s captured by pirates and sold as a slave. Yet his new master is far more than he seems and brings Lucius into a world unlike any he could’ve imagined.

The Gemini twins—the roguish Castor and the kindly Pollux—might seem as different as night and day, but they’re a match in gorgeous looks and dominant mastery. Kept apart by fate, the brothers both find their attention drawn to a single, mortal man—Lucius.

Free of his chains and the shackles of custom, Lucius can finally submit to his desire and embrace true love. Yet there are secrets in the star gods’ realm, an ancient darkness with the power to tear them all apart.

Can Lucius save his rescuers from a thousand-year-old nightmare or will three hearts be left broken forever?

Amy_tbs' Review:

The Star Gods' Slave was definitely an exciting and very steamy read! My only complaint is how short it was. I was left wanting more to read from these three beauties. I loved reading about Castor and his mischievous antics. Pollux and Lucius made the sweetest couple, I loved the dynamics of the three of them and the playful ending left me with warm fuzzies. 

I really recommend this series if you're in the mood for a fun low angst mm romance and mythology retellings. where our protagonists get a romance with a God.... Or two!

Rating: 5 Stars

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