Review: The Lookout by Colin Dereham

When he advertises the vacant bedroom in his apartment on a gay house share site, sexy teddy bear Angus ends up with more than he bargained for in The Lookout

From the blurb:

When he advertises the vacant bedroom in his apartment on a gay houseshare site, sexy teddy bear Angus ends up with more than he bargained for. Tall, dark and handsome otter Tom and blond muscle-bear Patrick couldn't be more different in personality, but Angus is so taken with them that he asks both men to move in. After a boozy first night together culminates in a skinny dip in the complex's swimming pool, Angus, Tom and Patrick fall into bed with each other. The explosive chemistry between them continues throughout a hot spring and summer. Days spent on the beach blend into nights of wild passion in Angus's huge bed, which all three inevitably end up sharing.

Fun, upbeat Patrick and quiet, affectionate Tom are everything Angus could have wished for. His nurturing side kicks in, creating a happy home for all three.

With Patrick working over the Christmas period, Tom and Angus go to visit Angus's family in the country. When they return, Patrick has changed. He's distant and sullen; there's no sign of the vibrant, happy man they've known for the past few months. At first, Angus thinks Patrick may be jealous of the close bond he's developing with Tom. He and Tom pull out all the stops to make Patrick feel as loved as possible, but their efforts go unnoticed. Then a chance discovery in the kitchen bin leads Angus to think there may be darker reasons for the change in Patrick's personality.

Tensions brew until late one night, when a disastrous phone call brings Angus's world crashing down around him. Desperately trying to make sense of what happened, Angus must rely on the love and support of others around him to slowly pick up the pieces and rebuild their happy home.

Tatted_book_freak's Review:

"Three hot guys and a whole lotta good times together."

The Lookout was my second book by Colin, and was just as pleased as the first. His writing style is unique, with an exceptional development of characters. How he was able to successfully crush every stigma of society on polygamy relationships.  AND, the intensity of emotions was remarkably pleasurable. 

"I love your dirty mind."

Their support for one another was phenomenal, never shying away from the concept of sharing a bed with three partners. The erotica  included in the book was fiercely written and smoking hot! Smut scenes were spicy, hairy, and wet, so be prepared!  Nothing against females writing gay romance, but there’s just something intensely alluring about it coming from a man’s POV. 

"What I wouldn't give to be there, to beg him to come down, to pull him into my arms and make him believe it's worth staying."

Polygamy relationships are difficult to successfully discuss in literature. There’s always some form of jealousy that occurs, ultimately ruining the throuple. But, Colin completely gutted me with this ending. I hate spoiling a story this good, but loss of a loved one to suicide is very close to home for me.  If you or anyone you know has expressed even of an ounce of harming themselves, please let them know they are not alone. 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.

Rating: 5 Stars


  1. Love your review, and concur with all above. Thd Lookout was a fascinating, steamy read with angst thrown in.


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