My Iron Knight - SJ Coles

Immediate action with guns and knives being the weapons of choice between a motorcycle club and a rival group's hitman. But the steam ramps up between them, so can Dash and Nikita find a happy ending before one of them winds up dead?

From the My Iron Knight blurb:

Dash Cassidy loves his town even more than his bike, but his priorities have a violent shift in gear when an irresistible Russian hitman comes along.

Darius ‘Dash’ Cassidy has ended up president of the small town of Salvation’s Iron Knights motorcycle gang, almost by accident. His sister, Zara, is the more business-savvy and ambitious of the two, but their father—the infamous Butch Cassidy—was far from politically correct, so Dash was left in charge.

Up to now, Dash has been more than happy to muscle his way through life as his father did before him, even if he is starting to suspect that something might be missing.

But now there’s a new player in town. Iris Damaro has plans to make Salvation the center of her international smuggling operation. Dash isn’t going to sit still while Damaro steamrolls through his town, but when the crime boss sends her alluring Russian number two, Nikita Vasiliev, to do her negotiating, Dash realizes he may be in over his head.

Can Dash figure out where his priorities lie before his town—or his heart—is lost forever?

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, trafficking, and a scene of public sex.

SNik's Review:

My Iron Knight is a standalone novella and a quick read. Enemies to lovers. Insta-love. 

Motorcycle club president Dash inherited his position and tries to maintain his hold and protection of the small town Salvation. When a new criminal enterprise tries to move into town, helped by the deadly and sexy hitman Nikita, Dash finds he is fighting a losing battle for the town, his club and his heart. Tons of action and steam, the story moves quickly due to its short length, so feelings happen fast, and even though we aren’t able to delve into Dash and Nikita’s backgrounds, their chemistry and connection worked for me. Really entertaining read.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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