Dipped in Sunshine (Surfing the Waves #2) by Fearne Hill

Fluffball meets demisexual and said determined fluffball gets a well deserved HEA with added viking possessiveness in Dipped In Sunshine.

From the blurb:

“You think you can do the jiggy with my baby brother, without wooing him for approximately three years first? Hah! I hope you weren’t too attached to your toenails.”

Fifty is a simple man. He doesn’t know much, but he knows this: to stay well clear of Otto Eggebraaten. The nineteen-year-old is cute, blond, and trouble. His overprotective big brother, Eggy, hounds Otto’s every move.

Outwardly, Fifty’s life is good. He surfs, teaches other folks to surf, drinks beer, and hangs with his friends. But with his thirtieth birthday on the horizon, he’s hoarding a secret he’s too ashamed to confide in anyone, even his best friend, Eggy. When Otto accidentally discovers it, Fifty finds his ordered existence unraveling in a way he never expected.

Dipped In Sunshine is an age gap, best friend’s brother romance, featuring a cinnamon roll demisexual surfer and a determined blond fluffball. It can be read as a standalone.

Sheena's Review:

I knew when I started this book, I wouldn't be able to put it down. But once I had it in my hands there was no ways I was waiting to read it 😂 

This is Fifty's story, and from the moment I met him in Brushed With Love I wanted to know more about him. I had an inkling who his love interest would be and I'm so glad I was proven right. 

I've become a big fan of Fearne Hill's writing since I fell in love with Lucien and the Rossingley books and this series continues that trend. Where the first book made me laugh and cry, this one made me laugh for sure, but also gave me some real happiness as the story unfolded. Otto is a wonderful creation, as the author describes him a total fluffball and that's how I see him. He's smart, determined, funny, yet hilariously innocent at times but with that steel core I've come to find in Fearne Hill's characters. I love how he won't let his illness define him, and is determined to have a normal life, on his own terms. He's perfect for Fifty, and I loved how determined he was to have him once he realised that. I adore Fifty. There's far more to him than we realise, he's the sweetest, most honest, caring man and I am so happy that he got his well deserved happiness. I loved how he'd let Otto push him around all in the name of making his fluffball happy. These two together, just wonderful. 

I realise I'm gushing about this book and I've become a little bit evangelical about recommending these books but that's because they're all wonderful. This is the perfect read for anyone who wants their day brightened by fluffball and the gentlest man on the planet. It's warm, funny and heartwarming and you should go read it as soon as you can.

Rating: 5 Stars

Zakiyya's Review:

For me, the attraction between the two MC’s felt very much delayed. Right up to around 43% or so, there was almost no indication that either one of them were even interested in each other. In fact, Fifty was mostly interested in pursuing a relationship with someone else. Individually, Otto and Fifty were well-written characters. I loved that Otto had zero filter and that Fifty was so attentive and considerate once they got together – especially because Otto needed that extra bit of care. I also really liked that they stumbled through their learning experiences – that for me felt realistic. The tension with Eggy definitely gave this story a bit of a lift and I liked that Otto was the baby of a whole host of protective brothers. Even the humor was entertaining, I just wish I could have gotten more out of that first half.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

SNik's Review:

Second in series (Surfing the Waves), best if read in order due to the continuing cast of characters and background. Age gap. Brother’s best friend. Slow burn. 

Running a surf shop and teaching surfing lessons is Fifty’s dream come true.

When Otto, his best friend’s little brother, unexpectedly comes to live with his brother, Fifty figures he will be another unofficial older brother to Otto. But as Otto befriends Fifty and they begin to spend time together, there is no stopping the effusive and attractive young man from bringing out all kinds of feelings from Fifty.

A really lovely journey for two men that are attracted to each other, with some awkwardly realistic interactions and a seemingly natural ease into a romantic relationship full of acceptance, caring, patience, steam, and love.

Both Fifty and Otto are likable characters, their interactions beyond sweet, and it was just a joy to read their story.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Dipped In Sunshineis currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription