A Hitman's Guide to Righting Wrongs While Causing Mayhem by Alice Winters

Alice Winters gives us another Leland caper in A Hitman's Guide to Righting Wrongs While Causing Mayhem

From the blurb:

Growing up, I was taught that getting too close to someone would be my downfall. But I’ve proven that wrong now that I’m happily married to Jackson, the greatest man in the world. The issue is that mayhem always seems to find me (which is definitely no
t my fault), and this time, it comes in the form of a woman looking for her daughter. What starts as a simple missing persons case turns into so much more, forcing me to rely on my found family and others, including a muscley “bear” who will definitely not whisk away my husband with his irritatingly sexy accent—I mean, yes, I’m very focused on this case… Jackson, don’t look at me like that.

While Leland is “code potatoing” (whatever that means on his strange cheat sheet), I’m left questioning what he’s gotten himself into this time. At least he’s willing to let me assist him, even if he’s still positive that I should just “sit pretty” and let him handle everything. But with the girl missing, he knows we need to work together to determine whose game we’re playing because not everything is as it seems. Of course, when one gets involved with Leland, nothing is ever simple. But maybe that’s just the way I like it.

Contains: speed walking up way too many stairs while holding pointy objects, feel-better cookies that didn’t turn out quite right, Spanish that definitely isn’t Spanish, and lots of long-suffering people being swept up in Leland’s shenanigans once more.

Jacquie's Review:

I'd hoped for more Leland and A Hitman's Guide to Righting Wrongs While Causing Mayhem delivered, though he's a little more subdued than usual. Marriage and being settled with a found family does that to a guy. I love that for him though. Leland is one of my favourite characters ever and I love seeing his growth. You absolutely have to have read books 1 through 3 and also Cassel's book, A Former Assassin's Guide. Otherwise, a lot won't make sense. Lots of plot twists, shenanigans (though not as crazy as previous outings), and a side of steam makes this an excellent read. I was thoroughly entertained but I love Leland, so that was easy! I absolutely love Henry and how he gets roped, or ropes himself, into adventures and he's along for the ride here.

Also, how great is that cover???

Rating: 5 Stars

A Hitman's Guide to Righting Wrongs While Causing Mayhem is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription